What is FTP, why it’s important and how to test

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a key metric. If you’re planning on following the Hotchillee Winter Warmer Training Plan 22/23 which starts next week and you don’t know what your’s is (or even what FTP is), read on and schedule in a test for this week.

indoor virtual riding training plan

Why Ride/ Train Indoors

Written by our in house training expert, the Hotchillee Winter Training Plan for cyclists will keep you motivated through the cold!

LONDON-PARIS by Tour de France / Hotchillee


With Tour de France fever well under way register your interest in riding to the 2023 finish now!

Winning-a-jersey-on-The LONDON-PARIS

Winning a jersey on The LONDON-PARIS by Tour de France

Covering the 500km from London to Paris in three days is a big enough challenge in its own right but, here at Hotchillee, we know that there are some riders who also want the added spice of a bit of good natured competition. For those riders, there’s three jerseys up for grabs on the LONDON-PARIS road route.