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Where the road meets the trail. Gravel cycling is the best of both worlds.

Like the forbidden romance between a certain Montague and Capulet, gravel cycling is the marriage of road and trail that always delivers a storyline packed with memorable plot twists. 

Roadies looking to escape the traffic, and mountain bikers who want to ride further afield come together to create a scene buzzing with adventure, encouragement, determination, and above all else, fun!

We’re here to help you write your own script and be the hero of your own story, because there’s no better stage than a Hotchillee gravel event.

Ekoi Stone Circle 2023 - Hotchillee


If you recently got yourself a gravel bike and fancy joining a group ride, there’s no better place to start than on a Hotchillee Gravel Rideout. 

Our Ride Captains will look after you and show you the way on a local route that will help you develop your off-road skills and give you a real sense of achievement by the finish.

Not just for beginners...

We usually offer two route options on our Gravel Rideouts, with a challenging option for seasoned riders to test themselves. 

We currently run a monthly Gravel Rideout in Surrey, England, and in the summer months we also host an evening Gravel Rideout Series from the Sigma Sports store in Hampton Wick. 

Check our Rides and Activities Calendar for information on our next Rideout

Ekoi Stone Circle 2023 - Hotchillee


26 April – 1 May 2024

A brilliant early season get-together – we love Girona Rendezvous. It’s more like a holiday than a multi-day event. There are no early starts and no time pressures, just amazing off-road riding in the cycling capital of Catalonia. 

Local guides lead the way and help our riders to make the most of their day out on the trails, while the setting of Girona is perfect for post ride dinner and drinks as you explore the mediaeval city at your leisure. In fact, this makes it perfect for taking a friend or partner along who doesn’t ride a bike.

355KM 3,450M


291KM 3,450M



Days in saddle


Nights included


29 June 2024 

With a party atmosphere in the Festival Fort event village and a route reviewed by many seasoned riders as the best they’ve ever ridden, Stone Circle is a proper festival of gravel cycling. 

Staged as close to the summer solstice as possible from the ancient hill fort of Old Sarum, you’ll need all the daylight available to complete this challenge. Roll past Stonehenge and King Alfred’s Tower taking in the views, and cruise along the hero gravel of Salisbury Plain – gravel roads on Ministry of Defence land that’s usually inaccessible to the public. This is truly the most unique gravel event in the UK.

135KM or 215KM


1800M or 2430M

Total elevation


Day in saddle


Day expo


13 – 16 June 2024

A Simply Stunning Multi-Day Gravel Adventure. Over three days, you’ll experience the best possible route from London to Paris. It’s almost entirely off-road from the Thames all the way to the Seine.

This is an evolution of the very genesis of Hotchillee, which began as a group of friends seeking adventure, and riding to Paris in 2004. That friendly atmosphere continues to shine, and our team now has 20 years of experience looking after everything else, so you can focus on one thing – enjoying the ride.

The final leg of this stunning route was designed by the King of French Gravel Riding; Sofiane Sehili.






Days in saddle


Nights included

Great question - and there are tonnes of answers…

  • Get away from traffic. Fed up with roadworks, close passes from motorists, and bad infrastructure; gravel offers an escape from everything!
  • There’s no such thing as gravel. The definition changes around the world, and sometimes around every corner of your ride! It’s a multitude of different surfaces, from fast-rolling American-style gravel military roads, to coarse rocky shale, muddy rutted woodlands, or hard-packed tow paths.
  • Peace and quiet. Sometimes, the loudest thing you’ll hear is the crunch of the gravel and the beating of your own heart.
  • It’s never the same ride twice. Changing conditions affect off-road rides a lot more than, say, a few puddles in the tarmac. Dusty summer dirt roads, muddy winter farm tracks and everything in between can change the ride feel and dynamic completely. 
  • The friendly, inclusive party atmosphere. Our gravel events feel more like a carnival than a crit. 
  • It’s a break from the numbers – nobody cares how many watts you averaged up the last climb.
  • And one for those of use who love our kit… It’s a valid excuse for another bike in the stable! And on the flip side, if you only own one bike, it might as well be a gravel bike – they’re so versatile!

Get out there and give it a go...

  • Start by doing some shorter gravel rides to get a feel for the terrain and your bike.
  • Make sure your bike is properly set up for gravel riding. This includes having the right tyres and gearing. We recommend a tubeless setup with a minimum 38mm tyre width. And for gearing, a setup that offers at least a 1:1 ratio so you can pedal up steep hills.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are suitable for off-road riding.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks, and be prepared for the weather.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience!
  • Join us for a Rideout and you’ll never look back!


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