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HotChillee have specialised in cycling adventures since 2004. Since then the worldwide HotChillee CC community has grown enormously, with the vibe and camaraderie bringing together an exciting blend of amateur, professional, celebrity and business people all sharing a love for cycling.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to put together a place where the HotChillee family can come together, provide support to each other and most of all, have some fun during the lockdown period!

We’ve built a HotChillee Slack Community where you’ll not only find the whole HotChillee Team, but have the knowledge of a host of experts at your finger tips on topics ranging from bike maintenance to making beer bread!

As well as indoor virtual rides there's a range of different virtual events and experiences every day, including coffee with pro’s, pilates, mindfulness sessions, advice on nutrition and much, much more.

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All aboard the Gain Train!
Last night’s ride report from the HotChillee Gain Train
by Nikalas Cook


“The ability to create the illusion ...

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