LONDON-PARIS by Tour de France / Hotchillee


With Tour de France fever well under way register your interest in riding to the 2023 finish now!

Winning-a-jersey-on-The LONDON-PARIS

Winning a jersey on The LONDON-PARIS by Tour de France

Covering the 500km from London to Paris in three days is a big enough challenge in its own right but, here at Hotchillee, we know that there are some riders who also want the added spice of a bit of good natured competition. For those riders, there’s three jerseys up for grabs on the LONDON-PARIS road route.


Time To Taper for the LONDON-PARIS 2022

With three weeks to go until London to Paris by Tour de France, your training kilometres should be pretty much in the bank by now and this weekend coming should be your final long training ride. It’s then time to taper so that you’re fresh and ready to go come roll-out from Imber Court.


London-Paris Rider Information (Gravel)

Welcome to The LONDON PARIS 2022! The countdown begins. In this document, you’ll find all the information you need about the gravel event and what you need to do to ensure you are event ready.