Sven’s 2024 New Year’s Musings

Hold on tight because 2024 has already taken off! If 2023 was a rollercoaster, then 2024 is our adrenaline-fueled, two-wheeled explorer ready to pioneer uncharted territories.

Heartfelt Thanks

A massive shout-out to our incredible team for conquering the 2023 market chaos with agility, passion, and creativity. And to our steadfast community, your unwavering support and positive vibes kept our wheels turning through thick mud and rain. Kudos to each one of you! ♥️


Cycling Revolution – Gravel Takes the Lead

Guess what? Gravel has roared to the front, surpassing the road in Q3 2023. It’s not just a shift; it’s a revolution. The gravel community is growing, getting younger, and celebrating a higher percentage of women riders. Our Stone Circle gravel event smashed it last year, and guess what? 2024 is gearing up to be even bigger and better with new sponsors and riders joining the party.

Convert to the Dark Side … Try Gravel!

For those yet to dip their toes into the gravel world, now’s the time. Join us on the dark side with a beginner-friendly 55km route on the Stone Circle, or why not try a Monthly Surrey Gravel Rideout. It’s the snowboarding equivalent of cycling – a whole new adventure!

Exciting Gravel Partnership with OPEN Bikes

Breaking news! We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with OPEN Bikes for all things gravel. Keep an eye out for our Gravel Ride Captains cruising on the sleek Blue OPEN UP’s. The backstory? A dinner chat at Eurobike in 2014, a handful of riders, and a unanimous decision to tread the less-travelled gravel path. It’s history in the making!

Sri Lanka Calling – Pioneering Gravel Event

Hold onto your helmets! In July 2024, we’re venturing into the untouched beauty of Sri Lanka for a multi-day pioneer gravel event. It’s the perfect blend of gravel and travel, and interest is soaring. Secure your spot on the pre-reg list now!

MTB Madness and the Arrival of the GOAT

Mountain biking enthusiasts, rejoice! 2024 will see more gravel and MTB rides on our calendar. And here’s the big news – the Downhill GOAT himself, Greg Minnaar, is joining us as an associate and ambassador. Brace yourselves for high-octane adventures, and yes, insurance is a must!

Share the link below with your MTB buddies and get chatting with Greg on the Hotchillee App.

LONDON-PARIS Road – the Grand Finale

2024 will see the final L2P in its current form with many of the L2P Originals returning for what will be an intense vibe ride and party in Paris. Although sold out – you can add yourself to a reserve list for dropouts.


In the race toward sustainability, we’re leading the pack. The carbon footprint of our gravel events is a fraction of our traditional road events (2%), and we’re committed to pioneering even greener initiatives. It’s not just a ride; it’s a sustainable movement.

Here’s to a year that’ll go down in the books as the one where we redefined the cycling adventure.