Your journey to Paris starts here

Although the London to Paris by Tour de France is still 7 months away, we know that many of you will already be looking ahead to what will be an unparalleled cycling experience. 

For veterans of previous editions and experienced riders, you probably already have your preparations planned out but, for those newer to the cycling or multi-day events, you might be unsure where to start. 

Don’t worry though, the team here at Hotchillee are here to support you, not just on the event but all the way to the roll-out too.


The LONDON-PARIS by Tour dd France

Don’t panic

You’ll hear a lot of talk amongst some cyclists about “winter base training”, “winter miles mean summer smiles” etc etc. Don’t buy into it and don’t let it panic you. For an event in late July, you certainly don’t need to be putting in big miles now and can definitely leave building things up until the weather improves in the spring.

For now just try to get into a routine where you’re riding consistently a few times a week – indoor cycling is fine if the weather is bad or you’re pressed for time. We’ve got a full timetable of rides on offer on both Zwift and RGT.

Also this time of year is the prefect time for some off the bike conditioning such as yoga, Pilates or some gym work. This will really help to prepare your body for the training to come, safe-guard you against injury and lay down some really solid foundations. Our regular Tuesday morning session on Zoom is ideal.

Get on the Companion App

There’s a dedicated group for both road and gravel events as well as a plethora of other groups to get involved with and interact with. We’ve got experts on tap including top coaches, mechanics, our Hotchillee Ride Captains and current and former pro riders. Log in details are the same as for your account. More info about how to download the app is here.

Hotchillee App - download it now

Join a ride

As well as our virtual rides on Zwift and RGT, from the 23rd January we’re starting up our regular in real life rides again. Riding from Esher in Surrey. As someone registered for an event you will have 24 hour priority access to sign up. They’re the perfect way for riders based in London and the south-east to meet our Hotchillee Ride Captains, other Chillees and to start getting use to riding in groups.

There will be Ride Captain led groups both on and off road for all abilities, so don’t feel as though you have to be super fit or experienced to come along. More info and sign up here.

Get on the plan

We’re coming into the final four weeks of the Hotchillee Winter Warmer Training Plan but don’t worry, it’ll be closely followed by the Spring Sizzler in mid February. There’s a dedicated group for those following the plan on the Hotchillee App, it’s super flexible and mixes structured workouts, virtual group rides and in real life rides.

Ask those questions 

We’ll be putting out regular blog-posts covering all the essential knowledge you’ll need, including nutrition, group riding skills and etiquette, training, kit and equipment tips and loads of other great nuggets. 

However, if you have a question, just post it on the App or drop us an e-mail. Don’t worry if you think it’s silly or basic as we can almost guarantee that if you’re wanting to as it, someone else will be too. 

The LONDON-PARIS by Tour de France route recce stages 2 and 3 - gravel