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The Girona Rendezvous Recap

We’re fresh back off the plane from Girona, so thought we’d treat you all to a little recap and get you excited for next year’s trip!

For a few of us, this was the first flight out of the UK since the pandemic hit which was a super exciting prospect. A once effortless and anticlimactic experience became a massively exciting and slightly stressful one. Way out of practice on the do’s and don’ts of Airport checkin and security, much suncream and bottled liquid was lost as we battled our way through Stanstead airport. It was all worth it in the end as we stepped off the plane and into the warm Mediterranean air on the other side, ready for the trails and tar that lay ahead of us.


A relaxed and open atmosphere

The plan for the week was vague, apart from the riding which had been organised by our lovely Jane who manages all event activity behind the scenes. Rides were to be led by the wonderful Service Course with their expert guides.

Roughly 25 Hotchillee’s gathered for the Rendezvous this year, a much smaller number than our usual events but that’s just how we like it. The Rendezvous is typically a much more laid back affair comprising of smaller groups within the group and individuals who’ve come on their own accord to meet other likeminded cyclists and gravelistas. The formula works well and we think it’s the perfect mix of organisation and relaxation.

Botanical gravel and rollercoaster roads

Four days of riding was ample time to explore Girona and the stunning lush green surrounds. Our road constituent was much larger than gravel this time, with 5 on the rough stuff and the rest on the dream like tarmac roads. My viewpoint is slightly biased as a graveler, however spending time on both surfaces during the trip – I can confirm that they are both equally magnificent. 


Fragrant sights, beautiful smells

Riding the gravel here in Girona, you are immersed in a green botanical garden constantly – much to my disbelief (naively having thought that Spain would be more of a parched desert), the sights and smells that follow you on your way are unbelievable. Bright green fields as far as the eye could see flanked us as we rode on finely dusted gravel trails and through mountains blanketed in pine trees. River crossings were welcomed rather than avoided as the cool water refreshed us when riding through.

Girona – a playground for cyclists

The stunning roads surrounding Girona also provide a stunning playground for cyclists looking to train or just immerse themselves in the countryside. Roads travel far into the mountains, away from cars and traffic, they’re incomparable to the stuff we have at home in the UK. Smooth tarmac rollercoaster roads wind their way effortlessly up, down, in and out of ravines and gullies.


Join us for the 2023 Girona Rendezvous

The Girona Rendezvous blues are definitely already kicking in. Due to popular demand and to ease your FOMO, we’ve released the waiting list for tickets to the 2023 Girona Rendezvous. Tickets sell out fast, so save your space now and we look forward to seeing you next year! Please note, to sign up to the waiting list you’ll need to be a Hotchillee member – renew your membership to access all of our incredible trips.