Winter Training Plan - HOTCHILLEE

Winter Training Plan

Training through the winter can be tough in terms of knowing what you should be doing and staying motivated. Fortunately the HotChillee team are on hand to help you out on both counts. Starting next week on the HotChillee Community Platform you’ll find a training plan that’s suitable for all levels, flexible, realistic and effective.

Designed by our in-house expert and supported by the HotChillee Ride Captains, it’ll lay the foundations for your fitness going forward into 2021 but won’t burn you out. Whether you’re getting the jump on your training for The LONDON-PARIS by Tour de France, another HotChillee 2021 event or just ascribe to the philosophy of (Quality!) Winter Miles = Summer Smiles then we’ve got you covered.

Daily supported rides and weekly yoga and pilates classes

The focus of the first 12-week block is on establishing a sustainable and balanced training routine. At its core are three priority sessions lead by the HotChillee Ride Captains and two off-bike workouts. Depending on your fitness level you can pick and chose rides that suit you.

Kit and equipment

During the week, for convenience and time effectiveness, we’ll be focussing on indoor workouts. The ideal is to have a smart trainer for greatest interactivity but you can also take part in both Zwift and RGT rides and follow the custom workouts with a “dumb trainer” and power meter on your bike.

For Zwift rides you will need a Zwift subscription. For RGT rides you can sign-up for a free subscription.

We’d strongly recommend being on Discord. This is a free to download gamers chat app and means you’ll get encouragement and instructions for the HotChillee Ride Leader, gets to know your fellow Chillees and be able to take part in the ride banter.

Your training starts next week! If you are not a HotChillee here’s how to join us – see you on the Community Platform soon.

HotChillee Winter Training Plan