You’ve got an amazing opportunity over the next six weeks to add a bit of mindfulness into your life. With the sessions lasting just 30 minutes, they’re a perfect bite sized introduction so, if you’re mindfulness curious or even mindfulness sceptic, I urge you to give it a go on either Tuesday evening or Friday morning.  Mindfulness isn’t some woo-woo quest for enlightenment, it’s best thought of as a reset for mind and body, where, by using breathing and relaxation techniques, you’ll learn, even if it’s just for a short time, to just “be”.

As modern humans we tend to be constantly on the go and chances are your body and mind are in a constant state of low level stress. The problem with this is that our stress response evolved to be an acute state – for when we were bringing down a mammoth, being chased by a sabre toothed tiger or creating little cave-people – fight, flight or f**k. Modern life can put us in a constant low level stress response and, unless we invest some time in calming it down, it creates a cumulative unnecessary load on our system.

By learning mindfulness techniques and practicing them regularly you’ll reduce this baseline stress level and not only does this have mental health benefits but it’ll also give you increased energy and sharpness when you really do need to be switched on.

A good analogy is a successful Grand Tour sprinter. On a sprint stage, they’ll spend as much time as possible surfing the wheels and expending minimal energy. You’ll never see a sprinter going back to the car for bottles, pulling on the front or moving up and down the bunch – in fact, you’ll never see the best sprinters at all for most of a stage. It’s only in the final dash for the line that they’ll light the afterburners and put in a 100% effort for the win – it’s all or nothing – just like escaping that sabre toothed tiger.

Most of us exist in a state when we’d be trying to sprint having ridden a time trial or towed the bunch all-day – you’ll finish the stage but you’ll be exhausted and definitely won’t win. Having some regular downtime each day when you learn how to and develop your ability to calm your mind and body is the mental equivalent of sitting in the bunch.

So, even if you’re not sure, give it a go this week and don’t forget to tell your non-Chillee friends as this week’s introductory sessions are open to all.



FRIDAY 07/07 AT 08:00


This session will include strategies to help your brain function better and feel better  and a short meditation.

Your first session is FREE and open to HotChillee CC members and non-members alike! The 6 week course will then start on the week commencing 13 July. HotChillee CC membership costs £8 a month – for more info and to join click here!


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