What is Intervals.icu? Join the Q&A with David Tinker - HOTCHILLEE

What is Intervals.icu? Join the Q&A with David Tinker


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If you’re relatively new to structured training or have only really trained “blind”, just logging time or kilometres in the past then a training analysis platform that lets you track your progress and see the impact of your sessions, both completed and planned, is invaluable.

Intervals.icu is a free to use platform developed by friend of HotChillee, David Tinker. Once you’ve connected it with your Strava account, whether you’re a complete data geek or just want to understand your performance a little better, it’ll give you the information you need.

You can track fitness, freshness and form and, from my experience, get a pretty solid estimate of FTP without having to put yourself through a test protocol. It’ll allow you to see your power across the complete time curve, see how your w/kg stack up against your peers and what type of rider you are based on your power profile –  Sven and Nik are both All-Rounders “Good at everything, only the specialists can beat you (Sagan)”!

You can also build your own custom workouts to use on Zwift and RGT, import the HotChillee workouts and there’s a whole lot more to discover. We’ll be going through in much more detail on Tuesday!


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Intervals.icu dashboard



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