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Up your mental game:
New weekly mindfulness sessions for HotChillee CC Members

Mindfulness has been a buzzword for a few years now but it’s simply just taking some time to quieten your mind, be in the moment and relax. As little as ten minutes a day can be beneficial and, with regular practice, you’ll find yourself sharper when you need to be, having more mental and physical energy and sleeping better.

In the same way that successful physical training is as much about the quality of the recovery as the workouts, you’ve also got to give your mind some downtime. Especially if you’re the sort of person that always “has to be busy” or “doing something”, although you may have operated like this for years, it’s far from optimal and I guarantee you could function better.

Starting next week, Nik Cook will be leading regular mindfulness workshops, giving you a chance to unwind with a guided mindfulness session. More information below!


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Free for HotChillee CC Members


19:00 – 19:30 BST

As cyclists we’ve all had those moments when everything just feels “right”. It could be on a long descent when you’re nailing every switchback perfectly. Maybe on a long climb that you’ve paced perfectly, you’ve found your rhythm and you’re just in the zone.

These flow experiences are a form of hypnotic state and, from a performance aspect, whether in sport, business or life in general, being able to access them at will can give you a real edge. Most top athletes, teams and sports governing bodies now employ psychologists to utilise these techniques. Also, in these strange and stressful times, taking some time to be still, in the moment and deeply relaxed is incredibly beneficial.

By using techniques derived from hypnotherapy, NLP and mindfulness, Nik will guide you and, through relaxation and suggestion, enhance your ability to just “be” no matter what life is throwing at you. Nik Cook, along with being a cycling journalist, coaching consultant at British Cycling and fairly useful on a bike, is just coming to the end of a three year course in Therapeutic Coaching. Including NLP, hypnotherapy and counselling, he’ll be beginning practice in autumn this year, in both performance and mental health contexts.

Sessions are free for HotChillee CC members and can be accessed through the HotChillee Community platform. Membership is free for the first 30 days when signing up in May. Click here for more information.


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