Prepare for a HotChillee cycling event with coaching from Njinga Cycling

Train for your HotChillee Event
with Njinga Cycling

Prepare for a HotChillee cycling event with coaching from Njinga Cycling


Njinga Cycling will make you a better cyclist and have you ready for your next HotChillee event in no time.


Established in 2012 our Official UK Coaching Partner Njinga Cycling have coached, trained and inspired thousands of riders from novice to elite with their extensive service offering and vast experience. Based in Hampton Wick, South West London, their indoor cycling studio offers a range of services, all designed to improve your technique, fitness and ultimately enjoyment on your bike. Whether you are looking to move from group 3 to group 2 on the LONDON-PARIS, or to sign up for your first HotChillee cycling event, they are the perfect option to give your riding the focus and attention it needs.


Are you registered for a HotChillee event, or a member of HotChillee CC?
You can save 5% on all of the services below. Check your HCCC or event confirmation email for your discount code or contact [email protected] for more information…


Indoor Cycling Classes – improve your cycling fitness

So much more than spin. Njinga Cycling offer structured indoor cycling classes designed by British Cycling Coaches. Their carefully structured classes emphasise various combinations of endurance, power and technique work to help you develop your physiological metrics and transform your real-world cycling performance. Classes are run by a team of cycle coaches and guarantee results by combining accurate live rider data with expert coaching insights in a supportive, fun and motivational atmosphere. Find out more here.


Group Indoor Training Programmes – Guaranteed results (MOST POPULAR)

Get the most out of your cycling with Njinga Cycling’s structured and progressive multi week group indoor programmes, guaranteed to improve your speed, power and endurance. Their extensive coaching experience over multiple years has enabled them to refine their signature 8-week programmes into a winning formula that generates guaranteed performance gains or 120% of your money back. They commit 110% to ensure YOU achieve your target and on average their programme success rate has generated a minimum 10.4% improvement, with their last programme achieving an impressive 22-watt average increase in FTP scores across all 14 riders. If you want results, this will be your best investment in your training, leaving you feeling stronger and more confident about conquering your next cycling challenge. Find out more here.


Benchmark Testing – See Results Faster

Testing is not only great to track changes in your cycling fitness over time, but it also allows you to get accurate training zones, enabling you to optimise your training and see results faster. Njinga Cycling’s comprehensive testing tool kit will ensure you make every training session count. Includes FTP testing, Ramp test, MOT Assessment and more. Highly recommended before starting any training regime. Find out more here.



Pedal Technique Coaching – Gain Free Watts!

Looking for “free” Power? Your pedalling technique is a fundamental component of cycling and can influence your power output and speed, it can also improve your endurance, bike handling ability and reduce your susceptibility to injury. A session with Njinga Cycling will help optimise and improve your technique, guaranteeing at least a 5-30-watt improvement in your power output. Simply put, you get to ride faster with a smoother and more efficient pedal revolution for no extra effort. Find out more here.


Off Bike Conditioning – Strengthen Your Body

Experience the mental and physical benefits of off the bike conditioning with regular Yoga and Pilates sessions. It’s not just on the bike training that can improve your performance on the bike, as Njinga Cycling’s Yoga and Pilates classes are specifically designed for cyclists and taught by cyclists to help strengthen your core, increase flexibility and reduce injury. Their Yoga classes will also help on the mental side; helping you to relax and control your breathing better and provide enhanced focus and concentration. Whilst their Pilates classes will help improve alignment, strengthen your core and help to stretch and release tight muscles.


Outdoor Cycle Coaching – Improve Confidence & Skills

Njinga Cycling’s outdoor skills based coaching sessions offer a laser sharp focus on your individual abilities, working on your key areas for improvement. From improving your group riding to fine tuning your descending and climbing techniques, Njinga Cycling will upgrade your cycling ability and bolster your confidence on the road. All sessions are taken by experienced British Cycling Coaches. Find out more here.


Training Camps – Build Strength & Endurance

Looking to conquer your next HotChillee event? Join Njinga Cycling on one of their cycle training camps. Each camp incorporates both training and coaching, delicious home cooked food to re-energise you, amazing routes to challenge you and helpful coaching tips to improve your confidence and riding. Contact them directly for more info here.


Rider Consultation and Training Plans – Personalised Coach Support

Not Local to South West London? No problem, you can still benefit from Njinga Cycling’s expert coaching and training with a remote coaching plan. After an in-depth rider consultation via skype or phone call, you will receive a comprehensive multi week training plan specific to your goals, available time to train and current fitness levels, which will help get you in peak shape for your next HotChillee event. Contact them directly for more info here.

Nutrition – Gain the Edge

Your cycling ability is only one half of the puzzle, a specific nutrition plan can make the difference between smashing a ride and just finishing. If you are struggling with energy levels on a ride or knowing what to eat to help optimise your recovery, then a nutrition coaching session with Njinga Cycling will really help. Their qualified nutrition specialists will educate you on the principles and tactics behind peak performance, assist in identifying areas for improvement and leave you ready to implement effective changes to both your on the bike and off the bike fuelling strategies. Find out more here.