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Tour de France: 3 things we know after 2 weeks

Tour de France: 3 things we know after 2 weeks.

1. Geraint Thomas is as hard as nails and a podium contender

HotChillee ambassador Geraint Thomas who is the driving force behind our Dunkerque-Roubaix event has shown in his 5th Tour that he is a future team leader and podium contender. Not only has he stuck to Team Sky’s leader Chris Froome throughout the first two weeks, he’s looked relaxed and even seems to be enjoying himself. Already known as a “hard man” riding the 2013 Tour with a fractured hip he surprised viewers watching stage 16 by finishing 38 seconds down on Froome after what seemed like a spectacular Tour ending crash.

Here’s that amazing incident…  (click on image)


2. MTN-Qhubeka, you don’t have to be first to win

Our pro team partner MTN-Qhubeka have shown that despite being a wild card entry to the Tour de France and with little expectation from the cycling world you can win the hearts and minds of the cycling public with some clever cycling and by having a fan accessible ethos. A 10-year project so far, founded by Doug Ryder who was present at the HotChillee Cape Rouleur earlier this year the race strategy has been set by Team Manager Brian Smith, who rode with LA at Motorola, known for his punditry on Eurosport and who has ridden the HotChillee LONDON-PARIS! Who three weeks ago would have said they would have accumulated a stage win, wore the polka jersey and are second in the team competition.

Cape Rouleur 2015.  Left to right, Doug Ryder (MTN-Qhubeka Team Principal, Phil Liggett the voice of cycling and HotChillee’s Sven Thiele 

3. No power no glory

Chris Froome’s “power output” on the ascent of La Pierre-Saint Martin seems to be the festering sore at this years Tour. The yellow jersey has been hounded ever since – mostly by previous dopers in the media! Then as a counter play Team Sky’s head of performance Tim Kerrison releases power output data (plus more) and suddenly VAM, power to weight, VO2 enter the mainstream and can be found on the sports pages of the national press. The one thing we now know is that training and measuring performance without power at all levels is like asking a Shetland pony to perform at the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The fact that Sky can tell you exactly where Froome’s power output is relative to his entire history at Sky shows how for how long it has become a performance determinant.  We see many more people training by power on their Wattbikes and using on the bike tools like the Garmin Vector pedals.