The L2P 2012 Group Ride Captains - HOTCHILLEE

The L2P 2012 Group Ride Captains

The Ride Captains for The London-Paris have now been allocated their Groups.  For more information on the Ride Captains please click here.


Group 1: Michael Blann & Steve Jackson (aka Flash)


Group 2: Will Watt & Jon Lewis (aka Eddy)


Group 3: David Kirkby (aka Capt) & Jay McStay

Group 4: David Williams (aka Tank), James Lees & Andrew Gill (aka Gilly)



Group 5: Rachel Przybylski (aka Zappy), Ian Holmes & David Sidgwick (aka Whisk)


Group 6: Ian Lobley (ask Goose), Daniel Lawrence & Martin Markowski

Group 7 (Hand Cyclists): David Thomas


And finally the Ride Captain’s Captain, David Bryant (aka The Bull).  The Bull will be riding across all Groups providing support and guidance where needed most.


Average Group Speeds are as follows:

Group 1: 30+ km/h. These are elite, category 1, 2, 3 riders or previously riders of this classification with a current race category.

Group 2: 29 km/h

Group 3: 28 km/h

Group 4: 27 km/h

Group 5: 26 km/h

Group 6: 25km/h

Group 7 (hand cyclists): 20km/h