Testimonials -


“Thank you HotChillee for the hard work and organisation you put in to make The LONDON-PARIS such a wonderful experience. Stuart and I wanted to do something memorable to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and you certainly provided that for us. The only problem is we enjoyed it so much we want to come back for more!”
Debbie Prentice – Group 3 rider


“I have ridden two London-Paris events now and this year was better than ever. We had a strong presence of UK Youth Jersey’s, with riders in all groups – myself and Greg Mansell winning leaders jersey’s in Group 1, Nigel Mansell riding with Freddy Johansson in Group 3 and Charlotte Hill, CEO of UK Youth in Group 4, plus many more riding and raising funds for the charity.”
Magnus Backstedt – Paris Roubaix Winner


“Winning the pink jersey for the 2nd time at The LONDON-PARIS 2011 was very special. Pink is not normally my colour, but I am growing to like it, and hope to defend my title. The LONDON-PARIS is an event like no other.”
Tanya Slater – L2P 2011 Pink Jersey Winner


“Another amazing experience on a bike for this ageing 40 something!  One of the best organised cycling events I have taken part in. Big thanks to Sven and his team. Resting now. Ready for the next one.  Thank you.”
Lee Dixon – English International & Arsenal Footballer


“Riding The London-Paris was a fantastic experience.  Riding with top class riders, it was as close as I’ll ever get to feeling like a professional cyclist.  The camaraderie was terrific.”
James Cracknell – Double Olympic Champion & Adventurer


“It was a proud and emotional moment for me as we rode into Paris together.”
Geoff Thomas – Former England and Crystal Palace footballer


“I was a professional footballer for 20 years and this was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done and probably the most rewarding as well. I absolutely loved it.”
John Salako – Sky Sports Football Pundit


“The LONDON-PARIS is a truly unique cycling experience, it’s the closest you can get to be treated like a pro for 3 days with fantastic support both on and off the bike. Riding into Paris on closed roads was the big highlight for me, what an amazing buzz that was!”
Jon Sleightholme – former Rugby Union player


“The LONDON-PARIS is right to describe itself as THE professional event for amateurs, it is so well organised. It is probably the closest most riders will ever get to a professional event with lead cars, motorcycle outriders and rolling road closures. But above all, I think most riders value the camaraderie and the unique experience of cycling in a peloton around the Arc de Triomphe. It is literally unrepeatable.”
Terry Smith – Chief Executive Tullet Prebon