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HotChillee Ride Captains

We are pleased to introduce you to the HotChillee Ride Captains.

David Bryant (Aus)

David 'The Bull' Bryant, has been riding bikes for over 25 years and has been part of the HotChillee family since 2008. Bull, an Australian who's been in the UK for over 17 years, is passionate about discipline in the peloton and has a fierce reputation. David has been heard to say "I like the Roubaix cobbles, racing for post boxes and just enjoy riding hard". This is borne out by his completion in 2012 of the eight-day Cape Epic MTB stage race and the fact that a significant number of London commuters believe David is an ex Australian track champion as he rides a 49/13 single speed at 46mph/100rpm. He hydrates on beer and is a coffee connoisseur.

Juliette Clark (GB)

Head Ride Captain Juliette is an endurance athlete equally as happy on the trails of the South Downs on her mountain bike as on the road. ‘Ultra’ events have become her norm, and she has been known to ride London to Paris as part of a taper. In 2017 she rode London-Edinburgh-London in a little over 4 days in aid of Cancer Research UK. She has been part of the HotChillee family since 2010 and has ridden in excess of 18 events. Escorting the inspirational hand cyclists from the Stoke Mandeville team at the LONDON-PARIS 2012 has shaped her approach as a Ride Captain and despite her sometimes stern approach to peloton discipline, she is known for dispensing encouragement and kindness in equal measure.

Richard Gambling (GB)

Richard, 'Gambo', started riding his bike as a kid as transport to get around visiting friends who used to live in surrounding villages and has always loved the freedom it gives. He enjoys mountain biking and gravel riding, there are plenty of trails in Wales! The competitor in him means he likes to race, so he competes in time trial and in multi day events. Cobbles are great fun too. He has completed the Haute Route alps, Rat Race, the Crossing (3day mtb race from west coast to east coast) ,4 alpine challenges and lots of open 10 and 25 miles time trials.

Ian Holmes (GB)

Ian "Holmsey" Holmes has been part of the HotChillee family since 2010 and worked on over 15 events. Ex mountain bike and road racer having competed in events all over the world. Most memorable day on a bike still has to be racing the iconic Cape Town Cycle Tour in South Africa. Crazy fast and sooo windy. Survived to bag a sub 3hr finish. Happiest in the hills and loved this years Dolomite Challenge. The Stelvio was jaw dropping! Life is all about the journey. Make it a memorable one.

David Kirkby (Aus)

'Captain' is a veteran Ride Captain with 17 HotChillee events under his belt. Australian by birth he has been riding and racing bikes for over 35 years and still has his eyes on the podium. In 2012 Captain completed the Cape Epic and he regularly races off road in the UK. Known for his ability to lighten the mood in the peloton David's humour has helped many riders out of the hurt locker to complete a gruelling HotChillee stage. By day he is a partner in a global commercial property company but his ultimate goal in life is to be able to pop a wheelie like Robbie McEwen or Peter Sagan. The latest addition to his bicycle collection is a blue and pink cyclocross bike. He is known to hate the limelight.

Jack Kirkby (AUS)

Jack has grown up with HotChillee in the blood being the son of RC ‘Captain’ and racing in both the LONDON-PARIS and Alpine Challenge. He loves all forms of cycling data almost as much as the sprint and the end of the climb and can occasionally be found on weekends riding CX and mountain bikes too. Always happy to discuss sock length, cap peaks and shaven legs as "It’s not about being fast, it’s about looking fast”.

Daniel Lawrence (Aus)

Dan 'Steely' Lawrence is a late comer to cycling and since finding the sport he has crossed England on a mountain bike, crossed the Pyrenees from Atlantic to the Med (not the Raid!), and does an annual 320km ride in a day "wherever the finger lands on the map". His recent relocation back to Australia has required an intensive "col detox" program which has consisted of flat rides interspersed by short, steep hills looking straight ahead! A Ride Captain since 2012 Steely's love of cycling is second only to helping others find their passion on a bike by pedalling through the doubts that can creep in with long hours in the saddle when the going gets tough.

Jon ‘Eddy’ Lewis (GB)

Eddy has been a Ride Captain since 2007. He is life-long cyclist and is subsequently fully stocked with lots of 'interesting' anecdotes that he will be happy to share on any ride. He likes nothing more than seeing a rider surprise themselves with what they can achieve and to this end he can often be found riding just outside the borders of Comfortzone, a dreary place where there is no fun to be had. When not on a bike he is a dedicated father of 2, regional board member of British Cycling, a race commissaire, cycling coach and founder of Dreadnought - cycle clothing tailored for endeavor.

Ian Lobley (GB)

Ian's cycling life began in the 1970s as a Saturday bike shop boy alongside regular LONDON-PARIS mechanic and legend with a spanner Nigel Hill. A young family and a career in private equity forced a 27-year retirement from cycling but the 2010 LONDON-PARIS marked Ian’s return to the sport he loves. Since then Ian (aka 'Goose' – you’ll have to ask him…) has become a HotChillee Ride Captain regular, helping to encourage the less experienced groups to great things. In 2014 Goose completed the Tour de Force - the entire route of the Tour de France - and raised money for the William Wates foundation. Never happier than with Belgian-style muddy rain dripping off his chin, he can track stand no handed too; for real...

Martin Markowski (GB)

A former professional cyclist who raced in the UK, Belgium and northern France, Martin is one of the most experience cyclists within the HotChillee family having ridden and raced bikes for over thirty years. He lives and works in Hastings where he was a founder member of the former Bayeux Cycling Team (now Mid Sussex RC). Martin once rode the length of the 400-strong, one kilometer-long HotChillee LONDON-PARIS peloton in less than a 90 seconds whist still maintaining a conversation.

Stephen Niblett (GB)

'Nibs' started riding bikes as a teenager and dabbled in road racing before having 12 years off the bike - a time when he turned to running, triathlon and equestrian sports. Now safely back in the (cycle) saddle his first Ride Captain tour of duty was The LONDON-PARIS 2014. A fan of coffee, cake and long, flat riding (he calls Norfolk home) He is rumoured to have a day job but needs to delete his Strava account if anyone is going to believe him.

Dimitri Nicolaides (SA)

After 12 years of hard knocks on the rugby and cricket field 'Dimi’ finally returned to his first love of cycling. As a self-confessed adrenaline junkie always chasing the next sprint, the Greek South African was quickly dubbed ‘The Spartan’. Whilst a regular participant on the crit circuit, the Spartan also dabbles in mountain biking and leisurely rides with his young family. He is a firm believer in the finer things in life… like coffee. Dimi lives by the mantra that nothing is complete if it doesn’t start and stop with coffee. (Maybe that explains the high cadence!!) Dimi was a long standing participant in the HotChillee calendar, and now enjoys taking the time to help others achieve their own goals.

Jon Packer (GB)

JP’ has always had a passion for anything associated with speed and wheels! A self-proclaimed petrol-head, in the last ten years Jon has moved up the ranks in motorsport to compete and achieve multiple wins and podiums at an international GT level, racing on some of the most epic circuits in the world. Whilst Jon has been cycling since he could walk, like many starting on his trusty BMX with the interest to get endurance race fit for motorsport was what ignited his love for road cycling. Jon equally enjoys mountain biking and gravel riding, he will be competing in several winter MBT series this season.

Rachel Przybylski (GB)

Rachel Przybylski is a long standing member of the RC squad with 10 LONDON-PARIS' to her name and many stories to tell. Known by a few nicknames over the years she most likes ‘The Metronome’ because of her smooth peddling and excellent pacing skills. She might be a small mountain goat but she will get loud at times, that’s the combination of Irish, Greek Cypriot blood. As well as being a mum to her 3 yr old son, Rachel is also a former national level road cyclist. She is also a ‘tester’ and took part in the National 25 mill TT in 2017. She has been privileged to watch the HotChillee community grow over the last 11 years and has taken part in all events except the ones ‘with cobbles’

Warren Robertson (SA)

Warren joined the HotChillee family in 2015. Born and bred in Cape Town, he has been cycling since he can remember. He currently works in the IT sector, running his own consultancy, resulting in commuting becoming a big part of his weekly training routine. Comfortable both on and off road, he has completed 4 Cape Epics and numerous 1 day and multi-stage MTB endurance events. These days he can be found planning unsupported adventure rides into the middle of nowhere

John Sadler (GB)

John's cycling history spans two decades and includes time spent road racing and time-trialling. Since retiring from high-level racing 'Tenterfield' has "discovered" long distance riding and has been a Ride Captain since 2012 on both the Alpine Challenge and the LONDON-PARIS. A born climber with a passion for the mountains he also enjoys distance running, mountain trekking and cross-country skiing. He has been known to wear leg warmers in July to avoid shaving his legs.

David Sidgwick (GB)

Rower turned cyclist 'Whisk' is a natural rouleur with "a big diesel engine" who is happiest on a "nice rolling route into a big headwind". A HotChillee Ride Captain for five years, he thinks nothing of pushing riders much of the way from London to Paris whilst maintaining a few hundred watts. At the inaugural Dunkerque-Roubaix he made light work of the cobbles of northern France. By day David is COO of the London branch of a South African bank. He does the occasional Ironman to keep fit.

David Thomas (GB)

With a background in canoeing and rowing 'DT' admits to being "a bit larger than is ideal for a cyclist". But as a veteran of six editions of The LONDON-PARIS David believes the advantage of being statuesque is that, "I'm the perfect size to tow others behind me into a headwind". Known for having the patience of a saint David cites one of his cycling highs as the thrill of riding in to Paris with the Stoke Mandeville hand cyclists. Off the bike DT is earning himself a reputation as a pretty mean baker - you may see him on Great British Bake Off soon.

Gareth Wilson (GB)

An Irishman in London, but working in Stockholm … Gareth came to cycling after a previous life playing rugby and hockey. He has since graduated from commuting to cyclosportives, and onto multi-stage endurance road events. A Ride Captain since 2012, Gareth is known as much for his, "conversation than his cadence" (his own words) and his calm command of the peloton has helped many riders make it through a HotChillee challenge. A Managing Director at Accenture, Gareth made London his home twenty five years ago and loves social media more than his teenage daughters do.