Organised bike tours South Africa - Your guide to Rainmaker Rollercoaster

Rainmaker Rollercoaster

What type of bike may I ride?

You may ride a gravel/adventure bike, cyclocross bike or MTB. The course will be suited to a gravel bike in terms of speed and technical terrain.


What’s the difference between “Race” and “Ride”?

If you want to race for jersey or podium position you will need to enter as a team of two at registration. You will be asked if you wish to create a team, or join one. If you are not racing the event and plan to join one of the “ride” groups supported by the HotChillee Ride Captains then please do not enter as a team – but do still bring your buddies!

If you are creating a team and have a team-mate in mind already, you must create a password to ensure your friend gets your second place (just don’t forget to share it with them) and if you are feeling extra generous you can also pre-pay for their place too! As the team captain, you will have the difficult task of naming the team, so make sure you pick something good and nothing rude, no pressure!

If you are joining a team, all you have to do is select your (hopefully really good) team name from the drop down menu and enter the password that your team mate has very kindly created for you.

If you wish to upgrade to share a luxury tent or a room, you will both need to ensure that you have selected the same relevant optional upgrade purchase. You can add upgrades, transfers and optional packages to your registration at any time … until they sell out!


What are the Racing Categories?

Male Team

Female Team

Mixed Team

Master Team (both riders 40-49)

Grand Master Team (both riders 50-59)

Grand Grand Master Team (both riders 60+)


Must I wear a cycling helmet?

You must wear a cycling helmet at all times when riding.


Will there be a daily bike service?

Yes we will be offering daily bike service packages.


Can I buy a massage package?

Yes these can be purchased at entry or anytime up to the event via your online entry


What do I need to bring?


Do I need my passport?

Travel documents are not needed as the event stays within the borders of SA.


Is there a bag service?

Yes, your bag will be transported from each start village to each finish village.


What happens if I need to cancel my entry?

If for any reason you need to cancel your entry you are able to nominate a substitute for your place and we will refund your entry less a £200 administration fee for a completed substitution. You are able to substitute your place up to 31 days prior to the event Sign On date. If you elect not to substitute your place but still wish to cancel you will receive the following refund

17 Weeks + before the start: 66% of the full entry fee

13-16 weeks before the start: 33% of the full entry fee

0-12 weeks before the start: 0% of the full entry fee.

If, in the case of paying by deposit and 1 further payment, the full entry fee has not been paid at the point of cancellation, you will receive the following refund:

Less than 34% of entry fee paid: 0

More than 34% of the entry fee paid: you will receive the amount paid less 34% of the entry fee.

Legal and rules

In some circumstances it may also be possible to defer your place for 12 months. You can only defer once, and once your place is deferred it is non-refundable.