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As premium cycling events company HotChillee celebrate their 15th year anniversary they confirm 2018 sponsors to include a renewed partnership with leading bike brand Specialized. As part of the relationship the HotChillee Ride Captains will be riding the Specialized Roubaix, the Specialized Venge and Specialized Tarmac. As part of their 2018 gravel programme HotChillee will continue to organise free monthly gravel rides in partnership with Sigma Sports, with ride leaders riding the Specialized Diverge.

sigma sports

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Sigma Sports is the UK's leading Road Cycling and Triathlon retailer based in Surrey, as a true specialist we provide expert advice through knowledgeable and friendly staff who have a passion for the sport. Our destination store in Kingston Upon Thames not only hosts one of the most extensive product ranges in the UK, but is also home to specialist workshop and bike fitting services, with a treatment room also situated in store, Sigma Sports is the ideal base for those looking to take their cycling to the next level. Sigma Sports offers a true multi channel experience with a website designed to replicate the excellent service and range of product you'd find in store.


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Maserati has always focused strongly on the development of innovative engineering solutions, but one fundamental factor behind its race victories has been its research into ultra light alloys. Since its foundation, the Brand has constantly been on the lookout for stiffer, lighter materials to enable it to improve the dynamic performance of its cars, first on the track and then on the road, giving customers unique driving sensations, unrivalled sports handling and sheer enjoyment.


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The Wattbike was born out of a desire to provide the sport of cycling with an indoor bike that delivers the authentic feel of cycling. It is accessible to a wide range of users and provides an unrivalled level of accuracy in performance data. Today, the Wattbike is the training tool of choice for many elite athletes and sports organisations including the UCI World Cycling Centre.

The Wattbike helps riders train smarter, using a combination of power, heart rate and cadence and includes a unique pedal by pedal revolution technique analysis. The Wattbike is factory calibrated for life, ensuring that the user can monitor performance gains over a period of time with complete confidence.

This powerful combination of accurate, detailed feedback combined with a unique technique analysis and the feel of riding of a real bike makes the Wattbike the training tool of choice for any athlete, from amateur to elite level.

Boa Technology

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With over 25 million Boa-powered products worldwide, the award-winning, patented Boa Closure System is reinventing how shoes, medical braces, equipment, and nearly everything else performs.

Our proprietary closure system of steel Lace,nylon guides and a mechanical reel was designed to address the long list of deficiencies found in traditional closures. In the process, we improved upon the performance of every other closure system on the market—from laces to buckles, and ratchets to hook and loop systems.

The result? Get a perfect fit with the simple turn of a knob, free of the stretch, weight, and hassles of old-fashioned closures. Enjoy a significantly improved level of comfort along with durability, light weight, fast and convenient operation, and on-the-fly adjustment. The list of advantages goes on.

The system is available in three different power configurations to integrate into a wide variety of products—all designed to provide a truly “Dialed In” fit never before experienced.


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Our philosophy at Rawvelo is to concentrate on the nutritional benefits of what we make as much as the functional benefits – it’s about simple, natural wholefoods - no refined sugars, nothing made in a lab and no ingredient you wouldn’t recognise the name of. Just the highest quality organic ingredients combined in a balanced way to make the cleanest, most nutritious and best tasting products we can.

Pro-Cycle – Cycling Insurance

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At Pro-Cycle we know how precious your cycles are and our cycle insurance is designed especially for the serious cyclist, triathlete or mountain bike rider. Key features include cover for loss, theft or accidental damage, personal accident, public liability and replacement cycle hire.

If you're looking to cover yourself when taking part in cyclosportives, an amateur cycling race, a triathlon or other cycling/triathlon activities abroad, you can rest assured that our travel insurance is just what you need.

Event insurers, if you're looking for an economical option for your participants you have five different options to choose from to cover the full range of areas you need to consider.


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Experience the game-changing power and simplicity of ELEMNT - the 100% wireless GPS bike computer that takes the complexity out of using and operating a bike computer while providing all the functionality you need out of any comparative GPS head unit.


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Strava is the social network for athletes.

Our website and mobile apps unlock the athlete's potential and connect millions of runners, cyclists and triathletes every day.


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A manufacturer of All Natural Athletic and Multisport Necessities and known best for CENTURY cycling, chamois and athletic antifriction cream used by professionals and amateurs alike. Sportique offers a whole range of over 30 performance and endurance supporting embrocations and leisure activity aids. All products created for and by physically active people. Building on extensive experience from the endurance field of athletic body care, Sportique applied its know-how to introduce a complete line of complimentary products for active people to sustain a healthy lifestyle, from foot powders, sprays, creams, and gels, to muscle and joint gels, to moisturizing body, hand and lip balms, to deodorants and shaving essentials.

Forth Edge

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Our HotChillee Ride Captains are looking forward to working with Forth Edge in 2018. Understand your body like never before by tracking key biomarkers integral to performance. Lab analysed tests and tracking platform will remove the guesswork by showing you exactly what state your body is in. Their experts will give you the knowledge to unlock your weakness from the inside out, so you can push your body to new limits whilst protecting your health.