Cycling events competitions - Captains challenge before our ride to Paris

May’s Out Ride the Ride Captains Challenge

This month’s challenge is going to be a little different. Tomorrow the HotChillee Ride Captain team and some of the HotChillee Ride Captain sponsors will be heading out to recce the route for Stage One of the HotChillee LONDON-PARIS 2019, including the timed section for the Red Climber’s Jersey up Kidds Hill. This month’s competition? The HotChillee Ride Captains are challenging their sponsors to race them up the climb, and we’re challenging you to guess the winning time!

The Rawvelo nutrition bundle will contain 20 x RawVelo bars, 20 x RawVelo gels, a bidon and a musette.


We’ll live stream the climb on Facebook tomorrow morning at around 11.30 GMT. To enter and win the Rawvelo nutrition bundle, all you have to do is be the first person to correctly guess the winning time (or closest to it) on the comments section of the video so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook! To give you an idea, the current KOM on Strava for the HotChillee Kidds Hill segment is 03:43. The competition winner will be announced on Facebook this weekend.