LONDON-PARIS Road 2024 essentials

Once we’re rolling you’ll be supported by our world class mechanics and experienced events, so look forward to being treated like a pro for 3 days!

In the meantime here’s some top tips about how you can best out of this year’s LONDON-PARIS 20th Anniversary.

New rubber

Hopefully you will have been putting in the training kilometres and it’s likely that your tyres will be worn, have a few cuts and nicks and, in the case of tubeless set-ups, maybe even some punctures that sealed without you knowing. Treat yourself to some new tyres now and significantly reduce your risk of having your journey to Paris interrupted by flats. 

Disc brake pads

Treat yourself to two sets on disc brake pads. Pop one set in now to bed in and be ready for the off and pop a spare set in your luggage. You shouldn’t need to change them during the event but, if we’re treated to some sustained wet weather, it’s possible. 

Chain Quick/Missing Links

These will be specific to the make of chain/number of gears you’re running and, although our mechanics will have most types and/or replacement chains, having your own will add to your peace of mind. Make sure you bring the correct ones and, if in doubt our friends are Sigma Sports can answer most things. 


If you need to tighten a bolt or adjust your saddle height, you don’t want to be wasting time asking around for a tool or taking a trip in the mechanics van.

Inner tubes

Our mechanics will have plenty of tubes of all sizes but punctures tend to come en masse, especially in wet conditions. Having your own ready to go will minimise any time spent in the mechanic’s van. 


Bidons looking a bit tatty and worse for wear? Treat yourself to some new ones ready for the roll-out. Please also make sure you have two water bottle cages on your bike.

A spare rear mech hanger

Annoyingly there’s no standard rear mech hanger and, with the range of bikes that clients bring to our events, although our mechanics will have some, there’s no guarantee they’ll have yours. It’s unlikely on the road that you’ll damage your mech hanger but you never know and, for the sake a small outlay and a bit of effort sourcing one, it’s definitely something that’s worth having. 

Clothing for all conditions 

We’d love to guarantee blue skies and dry roads but the UK and Northern France often dish up decidedly non-summer conditions. 

Definitely throw in the following:

  • Cap 
  • Gilet
  • Waterproof jacket
  • X2 base-layers for each day (to change at lunch if needed)
  • X2 pairs of socks for each day (to change at lunch if needed)
  • Arm warmers
  • Knee warmers 
  • Overshoes

Servicing & assembly

Our friends are G!RO Cycles are offering last minute workshop availability for riders joining us at this year’s LONDON-PARIS.

With the demands of three long days in the saddle, we’d recommend having your bike thoroughly serviced before the event. If you’re local, G!RO’s brand new Esher Workshop have allocated a limited number of last minute spaces for LONDON-PARIS riders wishing to give their bikes some pre-event love.

If you’re arriving from abroad and need assistance with building your bike, G!RO also offer this service.

For bookings and availability, please get in touch with the team at G!RO here.

See you soon!

Read the advice above and still have questions?

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