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London-Paris Rider Information (Road)


After an enforced break due to the Global Pandemic the LONDON PARIS is back with a bang. In fact, we think that it’s bigger and better than ever before.  This is our 17th year riding into Paris, and it never gets any less exciting!  We have a fantastic new partnership with ASO (official organisers of the Tour de France) and a unique opportunity to lead out the women on the inaugural Tour de Femmes.  For 3 days you’ll get to experience life on the road as a pro, riding in a peloton with everything that goes on around it, from full event support to rolling road closures. All you need to do is pedal! 

Here you’ll find all the information you need about the ROAD event and what you need to do to ensure you are event ready. 



This year we have 350 riders on the road event, split over 5 ability groups. Group 1 & 2 will be the fastest (the race snakes) and at the other end of the scale we have Group 5 who will be less focused on speed but more on group riding and their overall achievement. Then as you would expect there’s everything in between on a sliding scale.

This year we’ll also be joined by our new Group 6, a group of 40 cyclists riding for the Back Up Trust including 6 inspiring hand cyclists taking on the challenge! We also have 35 fundraisers from our wonderful official charity for 2022, the Little Princess Trust, who will be riding amongst the different speed groups. 

The groups average speeds are as follow

Group 1: 30+ km/h (men’s racing group)

Group 2: 28-29 km/h (women’s racing group)

Group 3: 26-27 km/h

Group 4: 24-25 km/h

Group 5: 22-23 km/h

Group 6: The Back Up Trust

Each group has a lead car, ride captains, motorbike outriders and support vehicle with mechanic and medic following.


To enable us to seed you, we require evidence of a recent 100km ride.  This is to ensure that everyone has the best and safest experience possible. You have already been sent an email requesting information on your ride and how to submit. The deadline is 31 May. You will be notified of your group seeding by the end of June.  The only exception to this requirement is riders in Group 6 / The Back Up Trust, who do not need to submit a seeding ride.



Stage 1 (London to Folkestone), Group 1 & 2: 180.2km / 1870m

Stage 1, (London to Folkestone) Groups 3, 4, 5 & 6: 159.8km / 1230m

Stage 2 (Calais to Amiens): 162.6km / 1626m

Stage 3 (Amiens to Paris): 177.9km / 1548m 

The route and profiles for each Stage will be available on the website approx. 1 month before the event.  The route is open to traffic, and you are warned to keep to the left of the road in the UK and on the right in France, not cross the centre line at any time and to obey traffic regulations, traffic officers and authorised marshals. The route profile will be published on Ride Cards that you receive at Sign On. Please keep your Ride Cards with you for the duration of the ride. 

Can I download the course to my gpx device ahead of time? 

All participants will be provided with the gpx route for Stage 1 the week prior to the event.  However it is important that you always follow your Group’s lead car and ride captains, not the gpx route in case a last minute route change is made. The gpx route is provided to you on the unlikely event that you find yourself separated from the group.

We have decided however not to publish the course in gpx for Stage 2 and 3 in France for several reasons. If the event course is subject to last minute changes or safety related detours under the direction of the event director, we feel that for group safety it’s best that the peloton follows the exclusive directions of the marshals and lead cars. The riders must always stay behind the lead car and in front of the mechanics support van following the direction of the marshals who are responsible for directing us to the finish in Paris. Relieved of hassles of navigation you are then free to concentrate on cycling and experiencing the true pleasure of group riding.  

All stages have a lunch stop, these are scheduled to be approximately 30-45 mins.  There will also be brief nature breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon, determined by your ride captains, where you will be able to refill water bottles, grab some cake/Haribo, etc.


Groups 1 & 2 will have timing chips for the event.  The men’s competition takes place in Group 1 and women’s in Group 2. They will be competing for a Sprint (Green) and Climb (Red) jersey each day and the Overall  (Yellow) jersey will be awarded in Paris.   

The race sections – Group 1 (men) and Group 2 (women) only 

Red Climb  – Red flags denoting the start and finish of the climb. Points are awarded for the top 15 riders on the climb. A pink HotChillee flag will be placed 1km from the top of the climb if the distance of the climb is greater than 2km.

Green SprintGreen flags at start and finish of the sprint. The flags are generally 1km apart. The peloton will generally speed up as it gets closer to the initial green flag. There is no timing but points are awarded for the first 15 riders to cross the second green flag.

Yellow Overall On Stage 1 in the UK we will have a 6km Yellow race section with a Yellow flag at the start and finish of the Yellow section. There is a Hotchillee pink flag with 1km to go. Riders are timed across the yellow flags with the first rider crossing the first flag setting off the clock and points will be awarded for the first 15 riders to cross the second yellow flag.  The points for this Yellow section, plus the total points for the Climb and Sprint for each day will result in the Overall Leader Male and Female ranking and ultimate winners in Paris.

Points details 

Points are the same for the Red Climb, Green Sprint and Yellow Overall

1st – 25, 2nd – 20, 3rd – 17, 4th – 15, 5th – 12, 6th – 10, 7th – 9, 8th – 8, 9th – 7, 10th – 6, 11th – 5, 12th – 4, 13th – 3, 14th – 2, 15th – 1

Tie-break: in the event of a tie on points for the awards, the tie-break rules are as follows:

  • Climb – the winner shall be the rider awarded the greater points on ‘The Wall’ on Stage 1 
  • Green – the winner shall be the rider awarded the greater points on the Green section on Stage 1
  • Overall – the winner shall be the rider with the fastest time on the Yellow section on Stage 1
  • Team Overall – the winning team shall be decided by the best 3 times on the Yellow section on Stage 1

Jersey categories &  awards – Group 1 (men) and Group 2 (women) 

Jersey Category



Yellow Overall Jersey Male

Best male based across all the flagged sections

Jersey & champagne

Yellow Overall Jersey Female

Best female based across all the flagged sections 

Jersey & champagne

Green Sprinters Jersey Male

Best male sprinter based on total sprint points

Jersey & champagne 

Green Sprinters Jersey Female

Best female sprinter based on total sprint points

Jersey & champagne

Red Climbers Jersey Male 

Best male climber based on total climbing points.

Jersey & champagne

Red Climbers Jersey Female

Best female climber based on total climbing points

Jersey & champagne

Best Team

Based across all the flagged sections, and will be the total points of the best 3 riders on each flagged section. Teams can be mixed male and female and must be a max of 4 riders per team.



Sign On – All riders need to sign on and collect their rider number on Wednesday 20 July, between 14:00 and 17:00 at Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Lane, East Molesey KT8 0BT. You will not be able to Sign On the morning of the event.  Note the event address is actually the back playing fields of Imber Court, not the main building (what3words: form.cubes.fire).

Rider briefing – 17:00 at Imber Court 

Race briefing for Group 1 (Men) & Group 2 (Women) only – 17:30 at Imber Court 

What you get at Sign On

– Ride Cards (showing itinerary and timings), these you should carry with you during the ride

– Eurostar ticket (if purchased)

– Rider number

– Luggage label

– Bike box label (if bike box transportation selected)

– Bike frame number

– Name frame stickers x 2

– Hub stickers x 2 with rider number

– Musette (day bag) and label

– DHL water bottles x 2

– LONDON-PARIS 2022 event t-shirt

– Timing chip (Group 1 & 2 only)

– Tour de France limited edition jersey (if TdF experience purchased)

– LONDON-PARIS 2022 / Little Princess Trust event jersey (if purchased)

What’s next? At Sign On on Wednesday 20 July there will be DHL lorries for riders wishing to drop any bike boxes or luggage.  These can also be dropped on Thursday morning before we depart. Designated parking at Imber Court is available all day.


Stage 1, London to Folkestone

Location:  Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Lane, East Moseley, KT8 0BT (entrance via back gate / playing fields)

Parking:  Designated parking is available at Imber Court free of charge for the duration of the event.  All vehicles must be collected no later than 15:00 on Monday 25 July.

Breakfast:  There is tea/coffee and basic breakfast provisions available at the Start.

Start times: You are best advised to arrive early to deal with any mechanical issues or last minute “@%*$ I forgot something!”.  Riders must arrive 45 minutes before your departure time.  Start times will be published nearer the event but are usual between 05:30 and 06:15. 

If you are not local and need to source local accommodation, we suggest booking.com searching the Esher area or postcode KT8.  

Why such an early start we hear you say?!  Day 1 is the toughest, mainly because of the pressure to get everyone across the channel to France.  With 17 years of experience running the event we know how important it is to factor in plenty of contingency and get you all safely to Calais … more info on this below.

Channel crossing: All groups will arrive at Stop 24 Services, Hythe where they will collect their luggage (bikes will be packed onto the DHL trucks) and board coaches to travel to Calais via ferry. Once in Calais you will be taken directly to your hotel.  We use a selection of hotels in Calais. Your bikes will be unloaded in a safe and secure location in Calais – ready and waiting for you for Stage 2!


Stage 2, Calais to Amiens

Breakfast:  Breakfast will be at the event hotels and then coaches will collect riders from the hotels and take you to the start location where you can load your luggage onto the DHL trucks and grab your bike.

Start times:  These will be published nearer the event, but you should expect to start Stage 2 between 07:30 and 08:20.

Finish: We finish the day in Amiens, your bike will be stored overnight in a secure location, and you will be bused to the event hotels for dinner.  We use a selection of hotels in Amiens. Amiens is a beautiful city with a famous gothic Cathedral, so if you have time, and can keep your eyes open, you should go and check it out.


Stage 3, Amiens to Paris

Breakfast:  Once again breakfast will be at the event hotels and then coaches will collect riders from the hotels and take you to the start location where you can load your luggage onto the DHL trucks and grab your bike.

Start times:  These will be published nearer the event, but you should expect to start Stage 3 between 07:00 and 08:30.

Stage 3 is a long morning with lunch at 132km.  At the lunch spot we will meet up with the LONDON PARIS gravel riders who have made their way from London via Newhaven, Dieppe and Vernon off road.  Together we will ride the final 45km to the centre of Paris and finish in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower.  

ETA to the finish is currently 16:30 but timings may change and we will provide final details nearer the time, along with the exact location for you to share with any friends or family who wish to cheer you in.

For those not taking part in the Tour de France Experience on Sunday, it’s time to say goodbye to your bike.  At the finish your bike will be packed onto the DHL trucks.  Pedals will be removed and given to you for safe keeping, any bike computers and water bottles must also be removed. The trucks then start their journey back to the UK and will see you again at the start venue, Imber Court.

For those taking part in the Tour de France Experience on Sunday – you will ride back to the hotel, escorted by the Hotchillee ride captains.  What’s another 3.5km anyway?!  Once at the hotel we have secure bike storage.

For anyone whose bike is not returning to the UK and requires a bike box for their onward travel please make sure you add this to your rider information questionnaire which you’ll be emailed next week.  For those of you with bike boxes, these will be waiting for you at the event hotel where you will be able to pack your bike and store it until your departure.

All riders are staying at Le Meridien Etoile, 81 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr, 75848 Cedex 17, 75017 Paris.  Luggage will be waiting for all riders at the hotel and can be collected at check in.

Celebrations: A drinks reception with canapes will take place at Le Meridien Etoile from 19:00 until 20:00. Here there will be the jersey presentation, ride captain group ‘spirit’ awards and more.  Plus, a chance to see the short video clip put together by our amazing media production team of the past 3 days. 

Dinner: Dinner is at leisure and folk normally meet up again later at the Canadian Embassy pub, across the road from the hotel, for drinks and more celebrations!


Eurostar: For those who have purchased a 11:13 Eurostar ticket via Hotchillee.  You will need to make your own way to Gare de Nord and should allow at least 90 mins from checking in to departure.  On arrival at St Pancras there will be a coach waiting to take you and your luggage to the start location (Imber Court) where your bike and car (if you have parked) will be waiting for you.  Bikes/cars are available for collection from 12:00 to 15:00 only.

The Tour de France experience: We will provide separate and more detailed information regarding the ride on Sunday morning and grandstand seating.  Along with the ASO timing and schedule for both the start of the Femme competition and finish of the Men’s Tour de France.  

Tour de France VIP Hospitality: If you have purchased the Rive Gauche VIP hospitality package, we will provide you with all the information nearer the time.


Eurostar: For those who have purchased a 11:13 Eurostar ticket via Hotchillee.  You will need to make your own way to Gare de Nord and should allow at least 90 mins from checking in to departure.  On arrival at St Pancras there will be a coach waiting to take you and your luggage to the start location (Imber Court) where your bike and car (if you have parked) will be waiting for you.  Bikes/cars are available for collection from 12:00 to 15:00 only.

All vehicles must be collected no later than 15:00 on Monday 25 July.  After this time vehicles will be removed and any cost or damage associated with this will be the responsibility of the owner. 

Any bikes not collected on Monday will be stored at Imber Court temporarily at the owner’s own risk.  Storage will be charged at £25 per day and can only be collected by appointment and after payment.

If you wish to organise bike storage in advance then the charge will be £15 per day. However all bikes must be collected by appointment no later than 14:00 on Saturday 30 July.


What insurance do I need?

All participants must have adequate travel insurance, which covers cycling and multi geography riding.  You will be asked to provide your policy provider and number.

For UK residence, if you have an UK European Health Card (EHIG) it will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires, you’ll need to apply for a GHIC to replace it.  The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) lets you get state healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free.  To apply for a GHIC, click here. However, please note that the GHIC or EHIG do not replace travel insurance.

What about Group 1 & 2 riders?

The men’s competition takes place in Group 1 and the women’s in Group 2, and actively contests the timed sections. In prior years a British Cycling Race Gold or Race Silver membership was required by UK residents. Race licences are not required for 2022.  We do however encourage membership. International visitors do not require their local race licences for 2022.  We also ask Group 1 & 2 riders to ensure their travel insurance covers you for riding in ‘timed’ sections. 

What about group 3, 4, 5 & 6 riders?

British Cycling’s Ride Membership or equivalent is recommended for riders who are UK residents. For international visitors we recommend adequate travel insurance.

Tell me more about the British Cycling packages?

British Cycling memberships run for 12 months and in our view provide the best cover that you can get to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances related to your cycling activities around the world. Race membership (Silver and Gold level) provides the member with liability cover for training, commuting, and racing. Ride membership is exclusively for non-competitive events, training, and commuting. All the membership packages offer the same high level of customer service and support, as well as a range of exclusive money saving member benefits. Full details of all the British Cycling Legal & Insurance Benefits can be found here: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/legalandinsurance

Will my group change?

The decision to move riders from one group to another during the ride is at the sole discretion of the Event Director with advice from the ride captains and is based on your speed and/or group riding ability.  If it is found that your ability greatly exceeds your group, you will be moved to a faster group. Of course, the reverse is true as well. Riders must ride in their allocated seeded groups. The exception to this is Group 1 and Group 2.  Men from lower groups than Group 1 will not be able to move up to Group 1 if they have not started in it, and Women from lower groups than Group 2 will not be able to move up to Group 2 if they have not started in it, this is to comply with the French Cycling Federation regulations. 

Who manages the ride?

The ride is managed by the Event Director.  Any decision made by the Event Director is final.

What do I wear?

Helmets complying with international safety standards are compulsory for the duration of the ride. Closed cycling shoes (no fancy sandals), shorts and jerseys are also recommended for your safety. It is recommended that you take three sets of cycling kit and a plastic bag for the dirty clothes. At this time of the year in France the daytime temperature is 15-27 Deg Celsius. Be sure to include a lightweight rain jacket – with global warming you never know. Post riding, (and evening wear) dress is casual, including celebrations in Paris.

What’s this I’ve heard about rolling road closures!?

It is true there will be rolling road closure for France. In the UK we have the support of NEG outriders, however roads are not closed.

Personal stereos and headsets

There has been an increasing prevalence of riding with stereo headsets and ipods. For safety reasons they are not permitted whilst riding.

Luggage service

We operate a luggage service with DHL. The luggage will “ride ahead” of you and you will only see your luggage again in the evening for the overnight stop. If you require items during the day, please use the musettes (day bag) as provided at Sign On. You will be able to access your musette at the lunch stop and the finish of each day. Each rider will be given a luggage label at Sign On, please ensure that this is attached securely to your bag. Every care will be taken to ensure that the bags are safeguarded. However, cyclists are advised not to leave expensive, valuable items in their bags, as the organisers cannot take responsibility for any losses. Only one luggage bag/case per rider is permitted.  We also request no ‘valuable items’ are given to crew members to safe keep. These should be packed within your one luggage allowance and is your responsibility.

Lost property

We will have a lost property box located next to the “Information” flag. Please place or retrieve lost property from here. Lost property will be kept for one week after the event, and thereafter donated to charity. Any postal or couriered returns will be charged for.

Do I need a bike bag or box?

No, please do not bring bags or boxes (unless you are travelling onwards from Paris). These take up valuable space. The support crew will pack the bikes with protection (however you are responsible for insuring your bike against any damage for the duration of the event, including transit). If you are leaving us in Paris and need your bike box for your onward journey, then you will need to select (on your rider information questionnaire) that your bike bag/box (hard or soft) goes onto the DHL trucks at the start.

Do we have mechanics?

Yes, we have full mechanics support for each group. This service is provided by Service Corps and led by Graeme Freestone-King as the Head Mechanic. The service runs from fully fitted vans and thus most repairs will be able to be facilitated. The service is available to deal with bike repairs/failures and problems. There will also be some spare bikes and wheels. We strongly recommend that your bike is fully serviced prior to the event with fresh tyres and tubes.

And what happens if I puncture?

Let’s hope that you do not puncture! Please ensure that you are using new tyres and tubes as this greatly reduces the chance of puncture. Let the group and specifically your ride captains know that you have punctured. The ride captains are in radio contact with the support van and will let them know you have punctured. If you have lost the group, the support van will drop you off with the group again. There may of course be a situation with loads of punctures for whatever reason. Thus, be sure to carry one tube and CO2 canister at least, so that you can affect the repair yourself.

How do I pay for tubes, spares etc used?

Your first tube is on us, however after this and for any other mechanical parts we use a “chit” system. All you need to do is sign for the items and the Service Corps will contact you after the event to sort out payment.

Where do I keep my sun cream, wallet, and other small items?

At Sign On you will be given a musette (day bag). You can keep items that you may wish to access during the day in this bag, and it will be kept in the support van. Be aware that your luggage bags will be well ahead of the peloton, so you will not be able to access this before arrival at the hotel. It might be useful to keep a dry top, arm and leg warmers and long sleeves in the musette.

What about lunch and nutrition on route?

Each day we have a lunch stop of approx. 30-45 minutes. Lunch is included and consists of endurance related foods. Each group’s support vehicle will be well stocked daily with water, bananas, fruit cake and cereal bars. You need to provide your own specific sports nutrition if required. You will be asked to let us know about any dietary requirements on the rider questionnaire. 


We have a team of sports therapists for the event. They will be available at the start, lunch and hotels in the evenings. You can book these at the beginning of each day with the Massage team. These are complimentary but are very popular so please book.

Where can I stay locally the night before?

If you are travelling from afar and need overnight accommodation the night before the start then we recommend you book some accommodation locally. If you search on booking.com using postcode KT8 or Esher.

Travel Documents

You will require a valid passport and if applicable, visa for travel. You are also required to take out personal travel insurance.

Checklist of what is useful to pack

– Passport (Visa)

– European Health Insurance Card or Global Health Insurance Card

– British Cycling Membership (Gold/Silver) or Ride Cycling Membership

– Cell phone (be sure to enable roaming well before you leave. If you are coming from the USA or Asia, make sure that you have a GSM enabled phone.) Carry your phone on you for app alerts.

– Telephone charger

– Travel adapter

– Cash – Euros for France, Sterling for the UK

– Credit card

– Small camera

– Sun cream

– Sun block

– Chamois cream

– Lip balm

– Pain killers

– Anti diarrhoea

– Anti inflammatory

– Salt tablets

– Warm up and cool down creams

– Baby wipes

– Towel

– Telephone charger

– Travel adapter

– HRM and strap

– Helmet

– Sunglasses

– Plastic bag for dirty cycle kit

– Water bottles (you’ll be given 2 x DHL water bottles at Sign On)

– Gels, drink powders and energy bars

– Fresh legs!



If you still have any questions, then please feel free to contact us on the Hotchillee app!  If you haven’t downloaded it yet any updates about the event can be found on the Hotchillee Companion app, where the Hotchillee team will be at your fingertips! Login will be via the same email address and password you use for www.hotchillee.com. Any key announcements will always be found here first. 

Any questions? Ask us on the Hotchillee App

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Think of it like Hotchillee in your pocket, where you can chat with the Ride Captains, our team, the boss, industry experts, shaven legged roadie racing snakes, gnarly gravel grinders and complete newbies … all have a place in the Hotchillee family.