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Join HotChillee Founder Sven Thiele for a whisky tasting!

FRIDAY 29 MAY 17:00 – 17:30

In the late 80’s I discovered the wonderful world of single malts.  A small group of us decided to see how many single malts we could taste.  We got close to 500 over 5-6 years. The maths is simple; we averaged almost a new whisky a week, but we had one additional rule, we could never taste a new whisky on our own, a minimum of two had to be present.

It led to some superb evenings, tastings all around the world and of course we became “experts”.  By the end we knew what we were looking for with our own special whisky favourites that we had discovered.  And so, since about 1994 I have only partaken of the whiskies that I came to love.

Now 25 years later I have witnessed how inspiring the discovery process is at small family informal tastings. It has been wonderful to see tasters’ eyes light up as they discover something new that they never thought possible.

So Friday we can start that journey, as a novice or expert it does not matter. There is no such thing as a bad whisky, just like children…

Restricted by lockdown, we will start with one whisky, going out and buying 5 bottles to taste on your own could be a tad expensive, so I’m suggesting we will start with a Speyside easy to drink whisky, the 9th largest selling single malt in the world: Aberlour, 12 year old, double cask matured.



Arberlour 12YO


Tesco’s £28.00

Sainsbury’s 70cl £29.00

Waitrose £35.00

Amazon £43.00 (What?!)

My suggestion is that you buy a bottle and then keep it as comparative whisky for our next tasting. Of course you may finish it before the next tasting. There are whisky “miniature bottle” web sites…but I have never felt the need to buy in such small volumes.

Depending on how committed you are, a small notebook can be interesting – especially when you taste the same whisky in the future against another yardstick.

HotChillee CC members can find the invite link on the HotChillee Community platform.

If you’re not a HotChillee CC member we’d like to invite you to join the inaugural session. Please contact [email protected] and we’ll send you the Zoom link. I hope to see you there!

-Sven Thiele, HotChillee Founder