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How does the Government’s new guidance impact cycling in England?

Wednesday 13 May 2020

For Chillees in England as of today the Government guidance has changed allowing for increased freedom to ride. Chillees in Wales and Scotland can check out the current British Cycling guidelines, and overseas riders can check your country’s or region’s advice.

Multiple activities in a day

You’re no longer restricted to one bout of outdoor exercise a day so, if you wanted, you could walk your dog in the morning and head out for an evening ride.


Real life meet-ups

No group rides but you can meet-up with one person from outside your household for a slightly more social spin as long as you maintain the 2m distance rule.


Maintain a 2m distance

You still should maintain a 2m distance from whoever you’re riding with, if outside of your household, and other people you encounter on your ride. Think about this when planning your route and be prepared to stop and wait to allow passing at a safe distance. This particularly applies if you’re riding narrow trails.


Chill in the sun

Fancy stopping for a breather on a park bench? That’s fine, you can sit and rest outside before, during and after your ride. This also means, if your local coffee shop is doing takeaways, you can get one and enjoy it outdoors.


Drive to ride

It’s okay to drive to ride but do be aware that many carparks and facilities will still be shut so do check before heading off. You’ve also got to remember, when parking and riding, to maintain that 2m distance.


It’s great seeing these easing of restrictions in England but it’s vital, as cyclists, that we ride responsibly, follow the guidance and, in doing so, help to maintain the right to ride outside.


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