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HotChillee Workouts – VirtChillee CC

HotChillee Virtual Workouts

Our VirtChillee CC Zwift expert has put together five .zwo workout files that you can download, add to your custom workout folder on Zwift and use whenever you like! The workouts range from Sweet-Spot Intervals to an FTP Pyramid session.

We’ll also be using some of these workouts on our VirtChillee Meet-ups and, if this is the case, the Ride Captain will say this in the Meet-Up instructions.


How to Import .ZWO Workout Files

-Download the .ZWO files from the links below.

Follow instructions here from Zwift as to how to get them into your workout folder

How to use the .ZWO Workout File

– After logging in, join the Meet-up a few minutes before the off.

– You’ll find yourself spinning on a virtual turbo by the side of the road.

– Either click Menu > Workouts or hit “E” on your keyboard and this will open the workout picker menu.

– Find Custom Workouts and, as long as you’ve downloaded the session, it’ll be in there.

– Click on it, then Workout and you’re good to go.

For more information about group workouts via Zwift Meet-ups from Zwift Insider.



Download the Workouts

Here are descriptions of your first five workouts, we’ve given them suitably HotChillee names:

Jalepeno: Sweet-Spot Intervals

A medium intensity workout that hits the sweet-spot of stimulating FTP boosting gains but isn’t so hard that it leaves you exhausted. You’ll ride three 10-minute blocks at “Sweet-Spot” which equates to 90% of FTP. Download here.


Pepperonchini: Recovery ride

A mild and mellow spin. Great for off-days or if you just want to chat and chill. There are a few “spin-ups” to break up the ride a bit and wake up your legs but the load is low. Download here.


Serrano: 20 seconds on / 40 seconds off sprint workout

A fairly spicy classic sprint session that comprises of three 5-minute blocks where you’ll alternate sprinting hard for 20 seconds and the recovering for 40 seconds and then going again. Download here.


Santa Fe: Over/Under workout

A medium to hot intensity workout that focuses on 10-minute blocks or alternating 1-minute just below threshold with 1-minute just above it. This is a brilliant session for boosting FTP but be warned, the heat definitely build with this one. Download here.


Cayenne: FTP Pyramid Workout

Medium to hot intensity level efforts are balanced by fairly generous recoveries so, although you’ll be working hard, there’s always respite in sight. Expect to feel a bit of a burn on the way back down the pyramid though. Download here.


Safe indoor miles and don’t forget to keep an eye out on the Companion App for VirtChillee meet-up invites and on our blog for Zwift How-to’s and general advice on how to get the most out of your indoor training!