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HotChillee Kids 2019!

Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of gravel riding with HotChillee CC! Join us on Sunday 15th September for a 10 km ride, starting and finishing at G!RO in Esher, Surrey, giving kids a safe and supported environment to explore some local trails with the HotChillee Team. Parents you’re invited too!

We’ll meet at 09:00 with plenty of time for a pre-ride drink and snack (coffee for grown ups, something less caffeinated for the kids!), and we’ll set off at 09:30. The route will be signed and you’ll be joined by the HotChillee Team but we will also provide a gpx nearer the time.

A message from Sven Thiele…”I was once quoted as saying “My biggest regret with cycling was that I wished I had started earlier, with gravel it’s more like I’m so pleased I started when I did.”

When I read this back months later it somehow stuck and resonated with me again. I can clearly remember the thrill and excitement of my first two wheel adventures at age 5. My grandkids started on balance bikes and were adept by age 3, despite living in the mountainous French Alps. At age 9-12 they still ride almost every day.

But somehow in those in-between years of adolescence something happens and we lose the bike and gain a car. I only got back on the bike in my mid-thirties, to my regret. I know many others like me.

So my thought process has now landed up here. Together with Michelle Sharland we are starting HotChillee Kids gravel rides (6-16 years) accompanied by running or riding adults, with the objective of lighting that fire and providing a family friendly event arena and community that continues to promote that excitement and passion and skill that will hopefully mean that these youngsters don’t miss out on those middle cycling years. It’s so pleasing to see that almost ½ of the kids signed up for the inaugural event are children of the early years LONDON-PARIS riders.

One day I hope to hear or see a quote by one of them “I’m so glad I started cycling when I did and carried on for as long as I have.” ”

Pre-Order your HotChillee Kids t-shirt!


HotChillee Kids 2019 T-Shirt

Pre-order your children’s HotChillee Kids t-shirt at registration and your kids can hit the trails in style! To celebrate our first HotChillee Kids ride and HotChillee’s 16th anniversary, we’ve got this limited edition design available to order as part of your HotChillee Kids registration. Kids sizes only I’m afraid parents!

Children will need to be accompanied by a bike riding or running parent or guardian. Entry costs £5 per child, adults are free. So if you’ve got any Chillees in the making, aged between 6 – 16yrs click the link below to enter now!