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The Ride

Who manages the ride?

The ride is managed the Event Director. Any decision by the Event Director is final.

Who can enter?

Anyone 18 years or older on 27 April 2019 may enter. If you are in doubt as to your fitness then you must have a medical check-up first.

What do I wear?

Helmets complying with international safety standards are compulsory for the duration of the ride. Closed cycling shoes (no fancy sandals), shorts and jerseys are also recommended for your safety.

Personal Stereos and Headsets

For safety reasons they are not permitted whilst riding.

Musette Service

If you require items during the day please use the musettes provided at Sign On. Your musette will be taken to the lunch stop where you will be able to access it.

Every care will be taken to ensure that the bags are safeguarded. However, cyclists are advised not to leave expensive, valuable items in their bags, as the organisers cannot take responsibility for any losses.

Lost Property

We will have a lost property box located next to the information desk. Please place or retrieve lost property from here. Lost property will be kept for 1 week after the event, and thereafter donated to charity. Any postal or couriered returns will be charged for.

Do we have mechanics?

Yes, our local guides are also trained mechanics. 

What happens if I puncture?

Let’s hope that you do not puncture. Please try and ensure that you are using new tyres and tubes as this greatly reduces the chance of puncture.

Be sure to carry at least one tube and CO2 canister each day so that you can effect the repair yourself, however our local guides and HotChillee Ride Captains will be there to assist you. We strongly recommend your bike is fully serviced before the event.

The “Bike Gear Hangar” finesse

When travelling we recommend that you take a spare bike gear hanger for your bike. These days there are literally thousands of variations and you many find that having a spare whilst travelling gets you out of a tricky situation.

What about lunch and nutrition on route?

Each day we have a lunch stop.  Lunch is included and consists of endurance related foods. The HotChillee Ride Captains will have a small amount of products available on the road, however please bring nutrition for the ride yourself.


We ask that all riders take out travel insurance and recommend our Insurance Partner ProCycle Insurance. Travel Insurance and/or Medical Aid details must be added to your Waiver document and presented at Sign On.

Cancellation policy 

What happens if I need to cancel my entry?

If for any reason you need to cancel your entry you are able to nominate a substitute for your place and we will refund your entry less a £200 administration fee for a completed substitution. You are able to substitute your place up to 31 days prior to the event Sign On date. If you elect not to substitute your place but still wish to cancel you will receive the following refund

17 Weeks + before the start:  66% of the full entry fee

13-16 weeks before the start:  33% of the full entry fee

0-12 weeks before the start:  0% of the full entry fee

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In some circumstances it may also be possible to defer your place for 12 months. You can only defer once, and once your place is deferred it is non-refundable.