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Combat COVID by commuting

As cyclists we can make a real difference to beating COVID by doing what we love – riding our bikes. Especially if you’re returning to your workplace, using your bike to commute will ease pressure and crowding on public transport and reduce congestion on the roads.

So as well as seeing your bike as a tool for adventure, competition or fitness, maybe start to view it also as a tool for daily life. Whether it’s cycling to the shops, arranging to meet-up with a friend or getting out with the kids ask yourself, “could I do this by bike?”.

If you’re thinking of embracing cycling more into your life – especially if you’re fairly new to cycling, we’d strongly recommend checking out British Cycling’s Commute Smart Video series. Covering all of the basics including road positioning, planning your route and what to wear, these 13 videos will answer all of your cycling commuting queries and hopefully ease any doubts or reservations you have. For more experienced riders or those who want to get some training benefits from their commutes, there’s also a video with hints and tips for this too.



Commuting by bicycle in central london



HotChillee Community Platform Commuting Channel


With our new Commuting channel on the HotChillee Community Platform, you’ll find tips, advice and a load of virtual commuting buddies.

This channel isn’t just about getting to work though, we’ve got a real opportunity to start to shift the mindset of the nation and to make bikes the go-to choice for short journeys, errands and day-to-day getting about. The more that cycling becomes the new normal, the higher the number of cyclists on the road, the greater the leverage will be for improving cycling infrastructure.

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