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Planning Ahead

Tips, advice and musings from Nikalas Cook - Consultant with British Cycling and author of the Road Cycling Performance Manual. Lover of cobbles, gravel and Siberian Pine - not so keen on climbs! TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT TRAINING! Reaching the autumnal equinox, it’s a ...
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LONDON-PARIS Stories – How the race was won: G!RO Cycles

G!RO Cycles: Team Competition Winners 2015   Jordan Addison talks about his experience on the HotChillee LONDON-PARIS 2015, how his team won the Team GC and describes an unexpected detour into a cornfield.     Can you introduce yourself, tell us what you do and ...
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DHL Corporate Partners

LONDON-PARIS Stories – How the race was won: DHL

 DHL: Team Competition winners 2017 In the second article profiling winning GC teams on the HotChillee LONDON-PARIS, we speak to Nick Archer of DHL about his company’s involvement with HotChillee, why and how DHL puts a LONDON-PARIS team together and some race winning tips. Can ...
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LONDON-PARIS Stories – How the race was won: Science in Sport Team

Science in Sport: Team Competition Winners LONDON-PARIS 2019 For the majority of riders who join the HotChillee LONDON-PARIS, covering the distance in three days is a big enough challenge. However, at the sharp end, there’s racing to be done and jerseys to be won. We ...
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Little Princess Trust Official Charity Partner

LONDON-PARIS Stories: The Little Princess Trust

We talk to Phil Brace, the Chief Executive of the Little Princess Trust - the HotChillee LONDON-PARIS official charity partner, about the trust, why you should cycle for The Little Princess Trust team and how to sign-up. Can you tell me a bit about the ...
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Why ride in a group?

If you’re fairly new to cycling or tend to ride solo, you might be understandably nervous about signing up to a group ride. Don’t worry though, us Chillees are really friendly and welcoming and, with group sizes currently restricted, it’s the perfect time to get ...
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Suisse Gravel Explorer - HotChillee

Gravel Riding for Roadies

If you’re predominately a road rider but are curious what all the fuss about gravel riding is, maybe want to give it a try but are unsure about kit and skills, here’s our HotChillee Ride Captains’ Guide.   What is gravel riding? With an extensive ...
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Are you ready for the HotChillee London-Paris 2020 Challenge?

Hot on the heels of the Virtual Alpine Challenge, we’re now throwing down the gauntlet for you to cover the 522 kilometres of the 2020 London-Paris Ride next week to be in with a chance of winning a spot on the real thing next year ...
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Alpine Challenge 2020 Virtual

Ride 100km! 8 Week Training Plan

If you’ve managed to keep your cycling fitness ticking over during lockdown or have maybe discovered a new passion for cycling, how about setting yourself the challenge of riding your first 100km. To follow this training plan you should already be cycling regularly, typically three ...
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