Join the first Hotchillee monthly Surrey Rideout of 2023


Bed to shed is always the toughest bit of any winter ride but, if you know you’ll be meeting other riders, riding a great route and that friendly chat is guaranteed, it’s always easier to find the motivation to ride. Our free and open to all Rideouts are the perfect way to break the spell of the duvet on a winter’s morning and get out on your bike.

Sven’s New Year’s Musings


Hotchillee’s Sven Thiele looks back on a year that saw a return on real life events and forward to an exciting year for Hotchillee.

Lights for cycling off-road

Whether MTB or gravel, hitting the trails after dark is one of the most fun things you can do on two wheels. Tame and familiar trails take on a whole new dimension but, to get the most out of your nocturnal cycling fun, you do need to have a think about your lighting rig.

Zwift Group Rides Etiquette


If you’re joining a Group Ride on Zwift, such as the Hotchillee Gain Train or the Hotchillee Race, Ride or Conquer Sunday Endurance Series, here are a few tips to help you and other riders enjoy the experience.