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Using muscle stimulation to boost your training

For the last 8 years we’ve been partnering with AthletesXceed to aid the riders on our South African events with recovery and injury prevention.

The team at AthletesXceed will again be providing the riders with Neuromuscular Electrostimulation (NMES) recovery treatments, pre and post ride massage, sports massage, relaxation massage and all rough enthusiasm for the event and the sport as a whole! We want to see our riders excel and focusing all of their energy on enjoying their time at this exciting event!

This year the team will be introducing our riders to their exclusive, dynamic training approach, adapted from the 2012 Olympic cycling training. It is the “Professional approach for the Weekend Warrior”, currently bring enjoyed by Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio and HotChillee lead ride captain, Michelle Sharland.

HotChillee Athletesxceed


HotChillee Athletesxceed

AthletesMuscle stimulation works by sending electric pulses to your motor system to create muscle contractions in the same way your brain would, engaging a greater percentage of muscle fibres in a way that a traditional workout is unable to replicate.  Compex targets both Type 1 slow twitch muscle fibres which impact endurance and Type 2 fast twitch muscle fibres which impact power and explosiveness, making it the perfect system for cyclists. The added benefit of using muscle stimulation is that it is non-weight baring which means there is less stress on your joints. Other benefits include increasing muscle density, improving VO2, increasing strength, and power output for movements such as a vertical jump!



Compex is a Swiss brand that over a period of 30 years has become the world leader in portable Muscle stimulators for improved performance & recovery in sports. Compex’s flagship electrostimulation technology is an essential to health care professionals and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widely known training technique coming from an unparalleled expertise, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment ... in sports and fitness.

Due to its innovation design and scientifically backed research there are numerous benefits to be had by the user.

·      Portable
·      Comfortable
·      Personalised settings using MI (muscle intelligence)
·      Increased performance
·      Increased muscle strength and endurance
·      Decreased work rate of the user
·      Decreased injury rate
·      Good for post-operative rehabilitation

There are many scientifically backed studies that show:
·      Increase muscle strength by up to 27%
·      Increase muscle volume by up to 8%
·      Decrease Lactic Acid by up to 25%
·      Increase in VO2 Max by up to 11%

AthletesXceed have been at the forefront of enhancing athletic performance since 2007. Headed up by biokineticist Dan Grobeler, they've been using muscle stimulation as an effective part of training plans for many years for a variety of sports including rugby, running, mountain biking, road cycling and triathlon.

When you purchase a Compex from AthletesXceed, you'll also have access to a unique Compex training programme available lead by your own dedicated Sports Scientist, with on and off the bike plans to enhance your training.


HotChillee Ride Captains Captain and Michelle have been using Compex in the run up to HotChillee’s 2020 events for both recovery and training…here’s what they had to say:


HotChillee Ride Captain David Kirkby


“Up and over the bars at speed and into a ditch, a broken little bone and a dislocated clavicle… ouch! Luckily, help was at hand from a smart physio team and a clever multi use device called Compex. Using this electronic impulse equipment allowed me to limit the muscle atrophy a few days post injury supporting the ligaments by keeping the muscles active with limited movement, which when everything is in pain is genius!

The real gains were made in my recovery when I changed the process to strength and conditioning focusing on specific muscles which enhanced my recovery dramatically. The physio I was seeing could not believe how quickly I regained range of movement and muscle strength. Now I have switched to recovery mode on the legs post a heavy week of training as long as I get to it before my wife who uses it also for sore muscles post gym or just relaxing massage. It’s a great little machine and very easy to use” – HotChillee Ride Captain, Captain.





HotChillee Ride Captain Michelle Sharland

“I had never considered that using the Compex system while on my Wattbike would even be an option in my training. Compex is more commonly known for recovery of trained muscles. However, being on the AthletesXceed programme, I have really noticed a few differences and benefits!

The programme compliments my coached training plan – so if I’m doing a build week, AthletesXceed will add to this. Equally in a recovery week, AthletesXceed will compliment with an additional recovery session. Using the Compex on the indoor trainer means that you work hard (to heart rate or power) but the load is not as much. I feel my legs working hard at lower watts as they are stimulated by the electric impulses to your quads. This increases the muscle contractions and blood flow to your muscles to ensure they are performing well!

The use of the Compex really activated all your muscles so there’s no hiding! I have noticed that the muscles that are the most tired after an AthletesXceed session, are my weaker ones. I don’t get this when just doing normal indoor sessions as I use my stronger muscles to dominate. As a result I have found my pedal technique and balance has improved hugely! Week on week my power output is increasing substantially too – in 4 weeks I’ve had a 10w increase on my 5 min power.  Each of the AthletesXceed sessions is supported via a face to face call when convenient for me which is great as I don’t have to do the thinking work – just do what I’m told (!). At the end of every indoor bike session, there is a strength session with a focus on the whole body (push ups, jumping jacks, lunges, tricep dips etc) The sessions last around an hour each.

The support and encouragement from The team is fantastic and as they are Biokinetisist’s they have an expert understanding of movement, injury and the effects of training on the body.” – HotChillee Ride Captain, Michelle.

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