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Meet Mama Mickey.

For those of you who joined us, or those of you who followed the Cape Rouleur 2019 on social media, it’s no secret that a hugely important part of the event is giving back to the communities we visit, and would like to especially thank everyone who has helped achieve this so far.

Meet Mama Ncumisa, fondly known to the members of Velokhaya as Mama Mickey. Mama Mickey joined the Velokhaya family last year and heads up their after-school tutoring and mentoring programme. Since starting at Velokhaya pupil numbers have nearly doubled, with the number of girls quadrupling!

Many of you ordered a Velokhaya jersey to wear on the Festival Ride if you were joining us on the Cape Rouleur 2019, purchased a jersey purely to raise money for Velokhaya or donated to Velokhaya when you registered for the event and so far you’ve raised £1350 towards her salary…so THANK YOU!


Pre-order your Velokhaya kit now and help fund her role

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on a HotChillee Velokhaya jersey, now is your chance!If you’ve already got a jersey, we’ve also added some matching bib shorts to complete your set. £20 proceeds from both the jersey and the shorts will go directly towards Mama Mickey’s salary so you can support a good cause whilst earning points in the style department!

You can order your HotChillee Velokhaya kit on the HotChillee webstore. Orders must be placed by 00:00 GMT on the 25th March so act fast to avoid disappointment! This design is made to order and delivery is expected in the first week week of May.


Our goal is to fund Mama Mickey’s salary until the HotChillee Cape Rouleur 2020. If you would like to do more to help support us please email Each month we will announce the Cape Rouleur rider who has supported her on social media as well as videos and images from the kids she is teaching.