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Top Tips for riding in South Africa

Joining us in South Africa for the first time and not sure what to expect? We asked HotChillee Ride Captain Warren Robertson for his top tips:


We call our traffic lights, ‘robots’ and our roundabouts, ‘circles’. The same rules apply though!

Watch out for the cat-eyes! hitting these at speed will often result in a puncture.

If in doubt, use common sense and you should be OK.

Stay off highways and freeways.

Road conditions in South Africa are generally very good, but always be prepared and carry the necessary puncture repair kit.

Make sure the water you use to fill up your bottles come from a clean source.

Apply sunscreen above clothing line, as they often ride up a few mm during a ride and you can end-up scorched.

Carry a small tube/can of sun screen to reapply every few hours if on a long ride.

Don’t feed the baboons!



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