LONDON-PARIS 2019 Seeding Rides

When you registered for the HotChillee LONDON-PARIS we asked you to indicate which speed group you would prefer to be in. You will have seen that we also asked for evidence of two rides completed between 31st December 2018 and 31st May 2019. This is to ensure that you will be seeded into the correct group and will enjoy the event to the fullest.
These rides should be 100 km and 100 miles and do not have to be from an official event, we will just need you to record them.You don’t have to be able to keep up with the speeds of a pro-peloton to take part, but you will need to demonstrate that you can ride within the suggested average speeds for the group you have selected over 100 km. The actual speeds of the groups will be based on rider distribution, but will generally be:
Group 1: 30+ km/h
Group 2: 29 km/h
Group 3: 28 km/h
Group 4: 26-27 km/h
Group 5: 24-25 km/h
We have a series of monthly training rides (more information below) throughout 2019, which are a great opportunity to come and meet the group you’ll be riding with on the event and complete the 100 km seeding together. The training ride on May 12th will be 100 km and can be used as your official 100 km seeding ride.We’ll be covering roughly 100 miles per day on the event so we also ask for a 100 mile time as we recommend training with this distance in mind and covering it at least once before July.
To put it into perspective, on day 1, 100 km will get you to lunch, 100 miles gets you to the ferry and a well earned beer! We’ll be in touch soon with more information on how you can submit your rides and how to train for a multi-day event like the LONDON-PARIS.

2019 Season Monthly Ride Calendar

The dates for next season’s monthly rides are now on the HotChillee website. The monthly training rides are a great opportunity to come and get to know your fellow riders, share training tips and get advice from the HotChillee Ride Captains before you join us in July. We’ll be running a series of supported gravel rides over the summer in Cape Town (SA) and our UK road rides will start again in January 2019.That doesn’t mean you get winter off though UK. We’ve got lots planned to keep you busy and help you train through the colder months. If you haven’t already joined us, check out the HotChillee Strava club. You’ll find regularly updated social rides and events to pedal away the winter blues on there while we give our Ride Captains some well earned time off! You don’t need to be a HCCC member to join the Strava or the club social rides, everyone is welcome. If you’d like to know more about HCCC and how you can become a member, click here.

So if you’re local to Cape Town (SA) or Surrey (UK), or willing to travel, we look forward to seeing you on or off road soon!  You can see the full 2019 season calendar here.

Find a Ride Near You

If you’re not local to Surrey or Cape Town, why not try joining a local club or a sportive? You can find a list of sportives and search by location on Cyclosport or search for a local club (in the UK) using the British Cycling Club Finder.

Cyclosport has listings for events all over the world, any of which would be perfect to use as your LONDON-PARIS seeding ride!

Keep in Touch

We’re pleased to welcome riders from all over the world to our 2019 events. To make it easier to find fellow Chillees in your area, we’ve created the HotChillee 2019 Facebook Group. Riders of all of our 2019 events are invited to join to share information, ask questions and arrange rides with each other here.

If you have any questions about any of the above please contact