What is it Like to Ride in Groups 5 & 6? | HOTCHILLEE

What is it Like to Ride
in Groups 5 & 6?

New to group riding? Not sure what to expect? The HotChillee Ride Captains have put together some advice, top tips and an insight into what to expect riding in the different speed groups on a HotChillee event.


Tips for Group 5 & 6:


The #nolimits ethos abounds in this group! These are the slowest groups, often with riders who are the newest to cycling and have the least experience of group riding. The peloton often stretches so concentration is key to ensure you hold the wheel in front and predict sudden surges. It’s also important not to watch the wheel in front, watch the shoulders – this lets you see exactly what the rider in front is doing and helps to see the surges, compressions and obstacles happening with plenty of time to react. Break evenly and if there is a need to break suddenly hold your line, and don’t look behind to check if someone is going to run into you…you will be safest looking ahead. Try to look up the inside of the peloton rather than veering towards the oncoming traffic.

Don’t pass anyone to jump up the group unless you can see a clear space to move to. This is particularly important up or down hills where he speed differential is most apparent in our groups.


Train to get your body in shape and know your nutrition and hydration plan to fuel your body. Practice eating and drinking whilst in the saddle and keeping your bike steady in a straight line as you will have riders all around you in the peloton. Top tip – it’s best to eat/drink on the flat or a gentle climb. Steep descents and eating/drinking are a bad idea unless you have the skills of Sagan.

Ensure your bike is ready and you’re ready for your bike….you can’t wing 100+ kilometre days. Your “saddle region”, hands, neck and feet will tell you that very quickly.

We work as a team to keep us all together. It can be a little slow on the front, a constant chase at the back and if you’re in the middle we need you to keep it together. Ultimately it’s a life changing experience and the bond you create with your fellow riders is something very special. We aren’t the fastest but if you like spending time on your bike this is where you get the best bang for your buck!

Safe miles,

Dan Lawrence
HotChillee Ride Captain