What is it Like to Ride in Groups 1 & 2? | HOTCHILLEE

What is it Like to
Ride in Groups 1 & 2?

New to group riding? Not sure what to expect? The HotChillee Ride Captains have put together some advice, top tips and an insight into what to expect riding in the different speed groups on a HotChillee event.


Obviously G1 and G2 are at the sharper end of things in terms of pace so you should have a good level of fitness and some experience of group riding.

Group speed depends on various factors including terrain and wind speed. Don’t assume that if you can ride at 28 kph on the flat in a tailwind that you can average 28 kph on a hilly route with a strong headwind!



Generally G1 pace on an undulating training ride will be somewhere between 30-32 kph and G2 will be in the region of 28-30 kph. To be honest speed on the flat will be similar but G1 will definitely ‘press on’ on the climbs.

But it’s not just about speed. Group riding etiquette is as important:

Most importantly chat to the other riders and ask questions of the Ride Captains. There is a lot of experience in the group and if you watch some of this will rub off on you. Group riding should be smooth safe and efficient…..oh,and fun too.



Safe miles,

Ian Holmes, HotChillee Ride Captain.