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Stage 1 “Dry Run” Review

Friday 12 May 2017
by HotChillee Ride Captain Todd Hooper

Fantastic dry run yesterday for Stage 1 of the HotChillee LONDON-PARIS 2017 with about 10 Ride Captains and a few guests. We were joined by the NEG motorbike outriders who did an amazing job to control the traffic for us. A lead car with the HotChillee events team lead the way and a mechanical support vehicle supplied by Sigma Sport followed us.

We had next to no issues with traffic and the slightly revised route from years gone by avoided all of the pinch points that some London to Dover / Folkstone routes take.

It was a relatively warm day – temperatures reached over 20 C after lunch and we averaged just over 32 km/h with a bit of a headwind.

Lunch was at 100 km in a great country pub in Lamberhurst with a beautiful beer garden – beer optional. At the moment the only timed section before lunch is the climb (to be confirmed). The route before lunch is pretty rolling, with the exception of the 5 km before lunch which has a few punchy rises in it.

Bit of a gentle climb out of the lunch stop (for those who have ridden the event before we are going a different way out of lunch, which is less steep so it isn’t as much of a shock after re-fueling!)

There is one steep climb with about 10 km to go but other than that the route in the afternoon is very similar to the morning.

Strava – (note, this includes my 18 km ride to Esher)

Some detail on each of the competitive sections below….

Climb – The Wall (one of the UK’s top 100 climbs). It comes at just over 70km into the ride and straight after a fairly fast and narrow descent. It isn’t long at 1.5km but it is steep and doesn’t let up. There is an amazing descent through the trees after the climb on good, fast roads to look forward to.


Sprint – Green sprint section comes after a 90 degree left hand bend with a 1 km, flat run to the line, which should make for a fast sprint.

GC / Yellow – we are still finalising the exact yellow section but it will likely come late in the day at about 145km and be 6-10km long, with some selective short rises.

Check out Francis Cade YouTube Chanel this evening for an insight into how the day went: 

Photos thanks to Francis Cade
Written by Todd Hooper, HotChillee Ride Captain